Honorary PUMA

Gee Senator Obama, I’m sure she’s just scratching her nose.


5 Responses to Honorary PUMA

  1. SM says:

    SO CUTE!

  2. parentofed says:

    very cute. It looks real, not PhotoShopped. Is it? If real, that is one hell of a cat.

  3. Denise W says:

    That was just one of the many vile disgusting actions Opposom did. By his actions he gave his blessing for all his thugs(followers/surrogates/media) to attack Hillary, not on issues or policy (we all know he has none), but in demeaning hateful sexist ways. Now he expects us to forgive and forget while he lifts Hillary’s platform. No way, no deal EVAH!

    Love the clowns! The cat is cute too.


  4. foxyladi14 says:

    just scratching her nose like obummer
    scratched his cheek after saying hillary

  5. lehigh389 says:

    I just found this site mentioned elsewhere. Very cute.

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