Klownhaus Moderation Policy

Comments here at Klownhaus are moderated.  I usually check the moderation queue several times a day at irregular intervals.

I am a firm believer in the First Amendment.  Everyone has the right to freedom of speech.  Your freedom to speak, however, does not impose on me any obligation to listen, nor does it require me to give you a platform to express your opinion.  This is my soapbox, and I will share it when, how and with whom I choose.

This ain’t no “family” place, except for Captain Spaulding and  the Firefly family, who are always welcome here.  I am not offended by profanity or obscenity, but be creative.  Abusive or threatening comments will be reported to the proper authorities.

If you say something racist, sexist, or just plain ignorant, I may delete it or I may leave it up as an example and to heap ridicule upon you.  I might delete things at random too.

Them’s the roolz.  If you don’t like it, get yer own damn blog and complain about it.


One Response to Klownhaus Moderation Policy

  1. hipparchia says:

    roolz, i hates them.

    that clown face in the header, i’ve been having nightmares about that, but other than that, nice place you got here.

    cats rule! dogs drool!

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