I Was There When PUMA Was Born!

PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) is one month old.  It was several months in gestation.  I think the moment of conception was some time in between the Iowa causcuses and the New Hampshire primary.  That was when the Village idiots in the MSM were prematurely celebrating Hillary Clinton’s political demise. 

But something unexpected happened.  The voters of New Hampshire, especially women voters, rallied to support Hillary, and gave her an upset victory.  Some exit surveys showed that these voters were outraged by the media’s treatment of Hillary.  Rachel Maddow called it the “Tweety Effect” because of the over-the-top Hillary bashing of Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

During the next few months there were many  more incidents that helped PUMA to form and grow.  There were the false accusations of racism leveled against Bill and Hillary by the Obama campaign leading up to the South Carolina primary.  There were reports of “irregularities” in several state caucuses.  There was the constant biased media coverage.

Most significantly, there was the conduct of the Obama supporters.  Ranging from rude and obnoxious to bullying and intimidating, these “Obots” launched attacks on Hillary and anyone who dared to support or even defend her.  Disturbingly, these attacks reeked with the stench of right-wing meme, recycled from the Nineties.

The Obots goal was to shout down and stifle anyone they disagreed with.  They were partially sucessful.  They drove Hillary supporters out of several allegedly “progressive” blogs.  But rather than be silenced, the refugees started new blogs, like The Confluence which was founded by Riverdaughter.

Hillary had a bad month in February.  After winning big on Super Tuesday (but not receiving delegates commensurate with her wins) she suffered a series of defeats, mostly in solid “red” states that will almost certainly vote GOP in November.  But she persevered, and came back to win big in Ohio and Texas.  She then went on to win landslide victories in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Senator Obama on the other hand, began to stumble as the nation finally began to look closely at his record and his dubious associates.  It was obvious that the more the voters saw, the less they liked.  But the media tried to shield him, and the Democratic leadership tried to drag him across the “presumptive” finish line.

This brings us to Florida, Michigan, and the Rules and Bylaws Committee of the Democratic National Committee.  Michigan and Florida scheduled primary elections prior to the date set by the DNC.  This was done by their state legislatures, not the state parties.  The DNC, led by Donna Brazile, decreed that the two states would be stripped of all delegates.

Senator Obama, pandering to voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, took his name off the Michigan ballot.  He urged other candidates to do the same, hoping to make Hillary look bad.  Several did so, but later Obama supporters were urged to vote “uncommitted.”  Obama’s name remained on the ballot in Florida.  Hillary won both states by large margins, although “uncommitted” finished second in Michigan.  The Obama campaign blocked any revote attempts in both states. 

As the campaign season progressed it became obvious that the Democratic party was facing a public relations nightmare of having disenfranchised two important states.  But the DNC leadership was unofficially supporting Senator Obama, so they were unwilling to restore the delegates because that would give Hillary the lead if not the victory.

So the RBC held a meeting to resolve the problem.  Their backroom deal is best described by meeting attendee John David Overton (aka Mawm): “Lipstick on a pig!”  The RBC not only gave Senator Obama all the uncommitted votes in Michigan, but they even awarded him some of the delegates won by Hillary!

That triggered labor, and the birth contractions began.  It was obvious to Hillary supporters that the election was fixed and that the party leadership had decided to ignore the majority of the voters and select Obama as the nominee.  It was also obvious that they were taking Hillary’s supporters for granted, assuming we had nowhere else to go and would have to support their candidate.

A few days later I joined several other Hillary supporters at The Confluence.  The overwhelming consensus was defiance to the party leadership.  Then a Conflucian posted this:

SM, on June 1st, 2008 at 3:39 pm Said:


Thank you Puerto Rico!

I am making an announcement. I am now a member of the PUMA party.

P arty
U nity
M y
A ss

Rico, give everybody a round of Barcadi & Coke on me!


PUMA was born!

PUMA is a uniquely grass-roots phenomenon.  We not only have no institutional support, the candidate that inspired us has endorsed the candidate we oppose.  But it’s not about her, it’s about him.

We do not, cannot, and will not support or vote for Senator Barack Obama. 

Call us names, accuse us of racism or of being Republicans, we don’t care. 



2 Responses to I Was There When PUMA Was Born!

  1. SM says:

    MyIQ! Awesome post – you covered fertilization to gestation to when the PUMA cub popped out!

    Happy Birthday to our cojones to stand up for voter rights and Democracy!

  2. foxyladi14 says:

    happy birthday to our PUMA
    we the people will prevail
    there are more of us then of those
    that would stifle free speech and
    let freedom ring

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