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People often ask me where I get the ideas for posts. I usually tell them that the voices in my head tell me what to write, but that’s not true. The voices in my head don’t even speak English, so I have no idea what they’re saying. But I honestly don’t sit around trying to think of something to write about.

The best posts just write themselves. It usually starts with a recent news story or someone else’s blog post and I just put my reaction to it into print. But sometimes I’m writing on one topic and it leads me to another and then another. I usually have a few half-formed posts in my head to keep the voices entertained, along with one or two novels.

I’ve learned over the years that my muse will do assignments that other people (like instructors or employers) think or important and/or interesting, but only at the very last possible moment. Many times in both school and work I have sat waiting impatiently for something I wrote to emerge from the printer so I could rush to turn it in within minutes (or less) of the deadline. I’ve written about a billion term papers, book reports and legal briefs, but I don’t recall ever finishing a writing assignment early. That’s not surprising, when you consider that I’ve never started one early either. Thank Koresh for the last minute, otherwise I would never get any work done.

In my defense, there is a rational explanation. I believe procrastination is efficient. Let’s say I have an assignment due Monday. I spend Friday and Saturday working on it, and then Sunday I am killed and eaten by a pack of angry Chihuahuas. I would have wasted the last two days of my life working on that damn assignment. On the other hand, I could savor and enjoy Friday and Saturday, and if it turns out that I’ll probably still be alive on Monday then I can grind out the assignment on Sunday while nursing a throbbing hangover.

But I write blog posts for myself. Blogging is what I do instead of what I get paid to do (and in lieu of a social life) I don’t expect fame or fortune from blogging, nor am I hoping for a job in the next administration. I don’t think I would want any of those things if they were offered.. I like being anonymous and unfettered. I can say what I think without having to worry about repercussions. I’m not here to make friends and I really don’t give a shit if people agree with me or not. If I emerged from behind my alias it would make things different. I might have to worry that what I say here could affect me in real life.

Myiq2xu is an alias, not a spoof or a “persona.” It is the only alias I use, and it is the mask that allows me to be true to myself. Far too often my real life identity has to watch what I say out of concern for what employers, clients and others might think. I must be polite and tactful, and sometimes I must remain silent. Here in the blogosphere I am free to let my inner dickhead run wild, and I have always admired and tried to emulate the kid who said the Emperor has no clothes.

My alias not only protects me from others, it protects me from myself. My ego will never hear the siren song of fame, nor will greed tempt me to betray my principles. If you think I’m being overly dramatic, look at what fame and fortune did to the formerly progressive blogosphere.

I have no power or control here, only limited privileges. I cannot make anyone obey me, nor force them to agree. The most I can do is delete someone else’s comments from the small piece of cyberspace I am using to post my ideas. They can still post their comments elsewhere.

Here in the blogosphere people don’t judge me on my physical appearance or economic status. They have no motive to curry favor with me, for I have nothing to give them. The only thing the people here have to judge me on is my words and ideas. The only influence I can wield is dependant on the quality of my arguments and the strength of my logic. If I am lucky I might occasionally persuade someone to agree with me, although I probably won’t know about it if and when it occurs, and I will gain nothing from it.

There is a kind of philosophical purity in this arrangement that appeals to me.

If I was offered an actual paying job as a writer or blogger I would be caught on the horns of a dilemma. Getting paid to do what I enjoy would be like a dream come true, but anyone paying me would probably want editorial control. They might even tell me I couldn’t say “fuck” anymore.  I prefer profanity to civility.

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  1. vbonnaire says:

    post pic of your locale? betcha we are neighbors, K. if you go in parades in june…..

    yeah! never get paid to do this work we do — last journos and editorial muckrackers on earth


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