Clown Of The Week July 28 – August 3: Angelina Jolie


In honor of all her humanitarian work. 



2 Responses to Clown Of The Week July 28 – August 3: Angelina Jolie

  1. HT says:

    Delurking here. I’m assuming you are recognizing the amazing talents of this human, that have nothing to do with her celebrity status, but more to do with using her skills to make money to keep her and her family comfortable, yet to do wonderful things for those less fortunate, and without the bleeding fanfare that people like the Oprah .
    I’m also assuming that Klown of the Week is an honor. If a+b=c, then I agree wholeheartedly, and thank you for recognizing people for the works, nay the good that they do, rather than the fluff they produce to make money. It’s a rare person who can recognize the true goodness and follow the money.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    My first choice for COTW will always be someone who has done something deserving positive recognition. In Heath Ledger’s case it was his performance as the Joker.

    But sometimes I just pick one that’s really cute or funny.

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