Same old, same old, lame old

The intertoobs are buzzing with stories about the holy-roller forum the other night.  One story claims Rev. Rick Warren lied about the “cone of silence” and that McCain cheated because he heard the questions asked of Obama.  The other one says that McCain stole the “cross in the dirt” story from Solzhenitsyn.

First of all, Obamanation is barking up the wrong tree by calling Rev. Warren a liar.  That’s not how to win over his flock, guys.  Didn’t you learn anything from calling the Clintons racists?   How did that work out for ya?  (Can you say “PUMA?” )

Secondly, only McCain knows if that story about his time as a POW is true or not, and bringing it up just highlights that he is a war hero.

McCain has been telling that story for years, so why the fauxrage now? 

Because Obamanation needs to divert attention from his pathetic performance at the forum.

This is the same routine we saw during the primaries after he got a debate ass-whuppin’ by Hillary.

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