Attack of the Killer Chihuahuas

Oh Lordy!  The rabid killer chihuahuas of Obamanation are in an ankle-biting frenzy over how many houses John McCain and his wife own.

They seem to think they have found “THE ISSUE” that will carry Teh Precious to victory.  Once again they prove their lack of political instinct.

First of all, they have completely forgotten the old saying “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”  Guys?  You really don’t want to discuss the candidates’ real estate holdings.

Why?  Two words: “Tony Rezko”

Secondly, negative attacks don’t work unless they resonate with the target audience.  The target audience will be one or more of these: your base, their base, and/or undecideds.  Your goal should be to motivate your base, depress their base, and/or persuade undecideds to vote for your candidate

If this attack gets your base fired up, y’all need to switch to decaf.  This issue is another “big nothing burger.”  The McCains are rich, so what?  The Obamas are millionaires too.  Not only that, but this is the United States of America, where being rich is the ambition of 99% of the population.

This attack isn’t going to depress and demoralize the GOP base, nor is it likely to persuade any undecided voters, especially since it opens the door to the issue of Uh-bama’s relationship with slumlord Tony Rezko.

Do you guys ever learn anything?  Has an attack on a candidate’s financial status ever worked?  You guys went into an ankle-biting fauxrage over Hillary and Bill’s tax returns showing they made beau coup simolians since he left office, and the blue-collar and rural voters of West Virginia were soooo impressed they gave Hillary a 41 point victory.  Without the money issue, she might have won by 60 or 70 points!

What’s that you say?  This issue is just like when Poppy Bush was amazed at a supermarket checkout scanner?  Well, yes it is, but not why you think.

The reason they are the same is because that story is an urban legend!  IOW – a big nothing burger.


5 Responses to Attack of the Killer Chihuahuas

  1. Good point. He’s trying to ‘rile up the base’ that Donna Brazile told to stay home. His limosine liberals all have their own real estate investments and the toddlers that follow him around aspire to all that ‘easy money.’

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Woman Voter says:

    Attack Chihuahuas, AMEN!

    Yes, let’s talk about real estate holdings and let’s talk about how McCain’s wife makes her decisions independent of him (what a novel idea…a woman in a marriage making decisions). Now, let’s talk about Obama’s income and taxes (when they still didn’t pay their student loans but were making six figures).

    Now, who better to have success than a POW of 5 + years, who was tortured, had his body broken, and still he didn’t ask for early release. Aren’t Attacking Chihuahuas a mode of distraction from his policy flip flops. I noticed that now the radio personalities are making sexist jokes/comments about Cindy McCain with the opening of the ‘houses’ by the Attack Chihuahuas. So, Cindy makes the investments…FYI to Attack Chihuahuas ‘WOMEN MAKE GOOD DECISIONS’ don’t start with your misogyny because McCain has sufficient ‘cajones’ to let his better half do the investments.

    The Attack Chihuahuas must be ‘single’ Chihuahuas because they don’t seem to know about decision making in long term marriages. They must be scared Chihuahuas desperate to nip at anything!

  3. Hillary-zila says:

    Didn’t Obama promise never, every to attack McCain’s wife.

  4. CognitiveDissonance says:

    I think the dreaded “house” attack opens even more lines of attack for McCain than just the obvious Rezko one.

    Number one: it opens up Michelle to attack. That’s because those houses are owned by Cindy McCain, not John. They are her investments. She is an astute businesswoman. Does Obama really want to be attacking McCain’s wife for being an accomplished woman? Trust me, Michelle isn’t going to stand up to the comparison, especially when you factor in all of Cindy’s charitable work.

    Number two: it opens up attack to the way Obama has done nothing to help his own family. Some of those houses Cindy bought were for her own relatives, including an elderly aunt. Now we have recently seen a story surface about Obama’s own half brother who is living in a hovel on $1 a month. We also seem to recall that his paternal grandmother is living in a shack without electricity or running water on very little. Obama has done nothing for either of them. Does this idiot really want the McCain campaign to start making ads about that comparison? It really won’t be pretty. And I predict that the working class people he needs to attract would be appalled.

  5. Talk Left is always threatening this person or that in her blog. Although she was a Hillary supporter, she reminds of the blogger boyzz.

    Give me PUMAS or give me death!

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