That was chickenshit, Lambert!

First you call names and insult me.  Then you tell me this:

I await the investigative report with interest. Seriously.

Then you promptly block my account.

So much for the high ethical standards of PB 2.0


6 Responses to That was chickenshit, Lambert!

  1. Denisie says:

    Yeah, it was and c.s. and it’s not surprising. All week have you missed the slow turning by Lambert? Like the “slowly I turn, step by step” I Love Lucy show?
    It feels like he’s preparing to jump the shark and all week has been about his Thursday night or Friday morning post of “Barack got my vote.” And Chicago Dyke’s going to have his back. Pay attention, she’s offered about 70 reasons in the last month (probably three this week alone) on why voting for Barack’s not such a bad thing.
    Maybe they’re scared of traffic or just want to be Kool Kidz? Regardless, you nailed it on being blocked: “So much for the high ethical standards of PB 2.o.”
    But I can’t help you at Corrente. May 13th I tried to get an account. Like Leah, I drifted away. I’m back and you have to have an account. I go through all the steps and wait. I even use the contact form. Never get an account, never hear a word.
    Most of us old time Corrente types think the site suffered the minute they created accounts which is a lot like The Great Orange Satan.

  2. steveeboy says:

    I made a poopie in my pants!

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

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  4. Yawn. Do the work, as I asked, send me a link, and you’ll get your account back. That’s what I mean by “seriously.”

  5. myiq2xu says:

    Actually, I had a detailed post on my blog at Corrente that had some of the stuff you requested.

    But I can’t access it now because you blocked my account. You blocked my account without notice, minutes after asking for a detailed post from me.

    You still haven’t explained the name-calling and insults, and why you tried to pick a fight.

    Very fauxgressive. The kossacks would be proud.

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