What’s next?

Many PUMAs are depressed and angry today.  I understand how you feel, even though I expected this result.

The nomination was rigged, long ago.  The people responsible for ignoring the will of the voters and selecting Barack Obama as the nominee have been plotting and planning for years.  This was no accident.  The full scope of what happened may never be known, but in hindsight some of it is obvious.

We were caught by surprise, and have been playing “catch-up” for months.  But we have made tremendous progress.  PUMA is less than three months old, and we have already made the national news.

So we lost this battle, but it was one they didn’t even expect to have to fight.  Now we have to regroup, get organized, and figure our and strategy and goals for the future.  There will be a need for local, state and national activities.  We need to be ready next time, so that things like caucus fraud don’t occur. 

This struggle will take a long time.  It will last at least four years, maybe longer.  Women’s Suffrage and the Civil Rights Movement took decades.  Considering the progress we have already made, I expect that we will achieve victory much sooner.

Meanwhile, life goes on.  We have jobs, families, and lives to live.  We need to pace ourselves, so we don’t burn-out.

Our next goal?  Making sure that Barack Obama is defeated in November.



3 Responses to What’s next?

  1. RWR says:

    Like you I expected this and was always concerned about this focus on the convention…that was a cause that wasn’t going to be won.

    Perhaps a bigger problem in the PUMA movement is in making this about Hillary at all. She’s a politician most of us backed but I don’t personally feel that the country can’t survive without her. Hell, I know PUMAs who backed Edwards or other democrats…all sympathize with the P.U.M.A. sentiment. It’s that spirit, that we will not be coerced and threatened, that we need to drive us.

    As for Hillary, she was a good candidate, but another good politician will come along. She should have had the nomination, and the country will be worse off if Obama wins, but Hillary as a a focus needs to be taken out of the mix altogether. The issues are much bigger.

  2. gmanedit says:

    “The full scope of what happened may never be known, but in hindsight some of it is obvious.” To me, this accounts for the strange congressional inaction of the past two years: a signal to the powers that be that the Democratic Party is safe and will not rock the boat.

  3. ParkSlopeVoter says:


    While I agree that it’s not all about Senator Clinton, i.e. there are bigger issues (election fraud, true representation, etc.) I don’t think we need forget about Hillary ALTOGETHER! For, who else is there that will represent what it is that we’re looking for?

    Perhaps Al Gore (full diclosure: he was my first choice) but I don’t think he’s interested in running. Don’t see anyone else on the horizon… So, let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater! Let’s hope that after four years of Mcain, Senator Clinton has it in her to make another run. PUMA!!!


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