Community Organizers Died For Your Sins!

Some genius decided that “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor” was a such a great retort to Governor Sarah Palin’s speech that they are making T-shirts with that printed on the front.

That should wow the fundie crowd, and anyone else who might think Teh Precious is arrogant and presumptuous.


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  1. merciless says:

    We’ve gone through the looking-glass so far we’ll never find our way out again. I’ve been reading the blogs this morning, and the comments pages are so full of hate, disdain, derision, it’s astonishing. Many of these posters actually believe that they hold the truth, THE TRUTH, in their sweaty hands, and just because Obama has waffled on off-shore drilling, abortion, and the fourth amendment of the Constitution, is no reason for people not to believe him utterly when he says…whatever it is he says.

    Oh, yeah, he says that John McCain is a great person. And that a goverment bailout of Fannie Mae is a swell idea.

    This, of course, is Hillary’s fault for not beating up Sarah Palin. And the wimmins’ fault for not bowing down and taking their medicine. And the MSM’s fault for being who they’ve always been. And the inbred, uneducated, hapless rubes who apparently occupy every house in the country but theirs (they conveniently forget who’s really in charge of the Republicans, and that’s the people who live on Park Avenue and on Newport Beach). But it’s not Obama’s fault. He was a community organizer, after all, and, well, the picture is evidence enough.

  2. Hi.
    I’m one of the people who pointed out that Jesus was a community organizer and that Pilate was a governor. My reason for making this analogy is that the governor who was mocking Obama’s community service makes her Christianity a big part of her political message. Obama spent three years doing difficult and thankless work here on the streets of Chicago that nobody who was mocking it at the Republican Convention would have been able to do for a day. My point in the title of this post is that if the Republicans want to use overt religious talk in their campaign it can backfire against them. In the Gospels, there was a governor, and there was a guy who spent three years doing difficult and thankless work in his community.

    If you think that I’m wiki-izing the story, then let me point out that the ‘community’ that called for the crucifixion of Christ were the people of Jerusalem, where Jesus only spent a week. He caused quite a ruckus there when he threw the moneylenders from the place and gave the prophesy that Jerusalem would be torn down. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the leader of these ’stupid little marches’ wouldn’t be so popular with the people who had their daily lives and businesses disrupted by his activities. The governor in that story ignored his conscience to placate the unwashed mob.
    I think my analogy stands. But then, I only have an IQ of 87, so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about.
    -Winston Delgado

  3. myiq2xu says:


    Difficult and thankless? Since we don’t know exactly what Obama did, we can’t judge the difficulty. He was paid for his services, and he seems to expect our thanks and additional rewards.

    Your comparison denigrates all the Democratic governors past and present in this country.

    BTW – All Capone was a community organizer in Chicago too.

  4. I meant ‘thankless’ in the sense that it is now being denigrated in exactly the same sort of way John Kerry’s Purple Heart was denigrated. He was paid $10,000 a year. May people pay lip service to the idea of ‘service’ but don’t care for the people who actually do the service. It’s always easy to say someone else’s labors are easy.

    I don’t see how my observation denigrates anyone, actually. It’s just a fact. Pilate was a governor. Should we change the Bible so that governors everywhere today don’t get worried that people might start holding them responsible for the execution of Jesus Christ? Actually, I think any wise governor or high authority should hold in mind that Pilate held a similar responsibility as they in the hope that they might govern more wisely and not be swayed by the mob.

    If the Republican Party really wants to bring religion into the Presidential contest, they’re going to discover they don’t have a monopoly on it.

    I’ll see your cheap shot with a hard fact: Jane Addams was also a community organizer in Chicago. This is the place where modern social work and progressive thinking was born and nurtured. If you and your fellow PUMA’s were actually the Democrats you claim to be, you might have some appreciation for that.

  5. myiq2xu says:


    Please explain what Obama accomplished as a community organizer.

    Be specific.

  6. xax says:

    I completely agree. I know that he worked on voter registration, tried working at education, and as a lawyer, but that’s nothing extraordinary. And for anyone trying to compare him to Jesus in anyway is just stupid. Plain stupid.

    And since no one really knows what the responsibility of community organizer is, how can you be sure that Jesus qualifies as such. The term “difficult and thankless work” doesn’t automatically align Jesus and Obama. There are many more people who have done the exact same type of work, MORE SO than Obama and have gotten RESULTS. Two people of recent history are Ghandi and Mother Theresa. And these two people would not dare compare themselves to even be on the same plane as a religious figure like Christ.

    Police officers and firemen do “difficult and thankless work.” Walking down the street asking people to vote is BULLSHIT.

    So to reiterate the question:
    Exactly what has Obama done as a community organizer that can HONESTLY be viewed as “difficult and thankless”?

    I’m not a huge Christian, but it was the faith I was brought up in. So, I know sacrificing your life and getting nailed to a cross isn’t just “difficult and thankless”. For me that’s just plain ballsy. Knowing you are going to die for what you believe and to continue doing it, is above and beyond the scope of human courage.

    If you guys want to compare him to Kennedy and King fine. I COMPLETELY disagree, but that’s ok. My advice to you would be to keep the comparisons to secular plane. Try to stay away from the sacred.

  7. (comment deleted as non-responsive. Cutting and pasting a vague bio story is plagiarism too)

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