Librarians Against Palin?

That name just reeks of astroturf.  I’ll believe it when I see it. 

But it does give me an excuse to use this picture of Gov. Palin.



5 Responses to Librarians Against Palin?

  1. is that really Palin? It doesn’t look like her.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Yep, she just looks different cuz she ain’t smiling or shooting something.

  3. katiebird says:

    In this upside-down year why wouldn’t Librarians come out against Palin (the first VP candidate to look like a librarian)?

    If it’s just from the supposed book banning thing though: Any librarian worthy of the name would have already figured out that it’s much ado about nothing. I haven’t heard that she did anything more than ask about the process. And that was at least 12 years ago.

    Will there be anyone left in my life — any longtime ally — when this election is over?

    One of my oldest dearest Internet friends refers to anyone who doesn’t support Obama as a ditto-head. I haven’t outed myself to him because I think I value his friendship. By the time this is all over though…. who knows?

  4. UpstateNY says:

    Me like picture….don’t tell wife, please.

  5. sister of ye says:

    The compulsive gasping and pearl-clutching over Palin makes me shake my head. Seriously, did anyone really think McCain would choose a flaming liberal as his running mate? He chose someone to consolidate his support with his conservative base. Pretty standard veep politics.

    Had McCain’s opponent not made a concerted effort to piss off half the population, Palin being a woman would have been noted, filed in the back of the folder, and the campaign would have proceeded on pretty much the same course. Instead, the overreaction to Palin has proven that it wasn’t “just that woman” regarding Clinton, and many women, I think, are reevaluating who bests supports their interests.

    If they’re like me, they’re coming up with the same answer: Neither, though this year at least the Republicans are smart enough to pretend.

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