Whose Side Are These People On?

I thought Michael Dukakis and John Kerry were text book examples of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, but they were master politicians compared to the clueless idiots that are ruining, er running the Obama campaign. 

Now it’s no secret I want Obama to lose, but it still says “Democrat” after his name and it’s embarrassing to watch what Obamanation is doing to the brand name of our party.   The worst part is the lefty blogs.  I gave up hope of seeing any sign of sanity or intelligence at Cheetoville or any other kool-aid sites, but now even TalkLeft and Salon are getting seriously stupid.

First of all, Obama supporters need to quit claiming that Senator McCain and Governor Palin are insane extremists.  They aren’t.  They are pretty much typical conservatives, and about half this country shares their views.  I don’t agree with them, but I think they are rational, intelligent people.   If they win in November it will not plunge our nation into the Dark Ages.

Secondly, Obamanation needs to knock off the frantic search for something negative to throw at them, particularly in regards to Governor Palin.  The Obama bloggers already sacrificed their credibility with “Panty-Sniff 2008,” wherein they horrified the nation with a wankfest claiming Sarah wasn’t the mother of Trig Palin. 

So the attempt now to make mountains out of every molehill in Alaska is not only a waste of time, it is counterproductive.  Every time they attack Governor Palin, more people decide to vote for her and Senator McCain.  Don’t believe me?  Check the polls.

I know my words will fall on deaf ears.  I can say it loud and clear:


But they still won’t listen.    Obamanation is alienating the voting public, but alientating is what they do best.  They thought insulting Hillary supporters was the way to get us to vote for Obama.  But if they are going to be so damn stupid, I wish they wouldn’t call themselves Democrats.


6 Responses to Whose Side Are These People On?

  1. jackyt says:

    Old saying: (sortof) those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.
    New saying: those who are ignorant of history are dumb.

    When will they ever learn? You can go bare knuckles in “issues” debates and still maintain mutual respect. You go bare knuckle in a smear campaign and the attacker winds up smelling like poop. Now McCain is looking like a statesman and Obama’s looking more like a Newt.

  2. Mike J. says:

    The Operation Panty-Sniff was the cyber-equivalent of the 1968 Chicago riots. I don’t know what the hell the participants in each were thinking, but they came across as a bunch of unhinged anarchists for whom nothing is sacred.

    And, of course, that will rub off onto whoever these folks candidate is.

  3. Mike J. says:

    Sometimes I wonder whether that might be a subconscious effort on the part of his supporters to have Obama lose. Because if Obama wins, then you have to “own” him for the next four years, and deep down they are probably worried about his lack of qualifications, convictions, character, integrity, and all the rest. But if he loses, nobody can ever tell them they backed the wrong candidate. It will be like the JFK/RFK nostalgia, minus the assassinations of course. JFK was a mediocre president (Bay of Pigs? Cuban Missile Crisis? Vietnam? What’s not to like, right?), and there’s no reason to believe RFK would have been any better, but we can always pretend he’d have been and nobody can tell us otherwise.

  4. merciless says:

    No, Mike, I don’t think it was a subconscious desire to see their boy lose. I think it was a subconscious and not-so-subconscious, immediate, right-down-to-their jockstraps terror at seeing Sarah Palin. A woman, when they thought they’d finally got rid of the bitches once and for all. A pretty woman, who attracted them and repulsed them at the same time. A woman with power, a governor with a handsome family and some courage to boot. A woman who’s loved by the fundies that Obama sucked up to so hard and lusted after by the electorally-valuable NASCAR dads.

    And what did they do about it? What they always do, of course; drink a lot of beer and call her names. That should do it, right?

    Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth that’s going on right now is a beautiful thing to witness. Now they’re realizing that Obama doesn’t really stand for anything that can be explained in less than 10 pages. They’re getting pissed at how Obama continually compliments John McCain. They’re thinking that maybe post-partisanship is what we’ve said all along, an invitation to bend over and ask for another. They’re alternately screaming at Hillary supporters for their less-than-total support, and screaming at Hillary to come save them from her.

    I’ve been saying for a while now that Obama had to be up by 5 or more in the swing states to avoid having a state stolen from under him, as happened the last two times. Now Florida is within striking distance, Ohio is red, and Pennsylvania is Obama’s by TWO. And they’re afraid that Obama doesn’t have anything left to punch with.

  5. freq flag says:

    And what did they do about it? What they always do, of course; drink a lot of beer and call her names. That should do it, right?

    Hey, it “worked” against Hillary (and the so-called “Clinton Machine”…boo yaw!), her dead-end harridans, her bitches & hos, and all the other low-info PUMA losers (snort!) too stupid to understand the divinely bestowed power of His Messianic Majesty, didn’t it?

    Of course, if by “worked” you mean that B-Zero was awarded the nomination without winning the required amount of delegates–and half of what he did get were from fraudulent caucuses and open primaries in Red States where Repubs were voting against HRC. Not even to mention the outright theft of FL & MI, plus an egregious reworking of “the rules” by the Dean/Pelosi/Brazile/Reid cabal to secure the desired outcome. One of the most amusing (and underreported) characteristics of the delusional frenzy that is Obamanation is that they actually believe the Red States that voted against Hillary in the primaries are gonna vote for a Democrat in the GE. Double-snort!

    “Win without us.”

  6. Mercurio says:

    I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out these ‘progressives’ (they are too afraid/stupid to call themselves liberal which is what I am proud to claim). Many of them are stupid little male geeks who are still virgins at 30-40 don’t quite ‘know’ women and are afraid of them, so easier to attack them. Or women geeks, who try to play in the geek man’s world by subverting their womenhood into a subservient role. It’s sort of like the people that express racism, homophobia, etc. because they don’t know anyone like that…..
    This is what Obama used in his arsenal of cheap tactics (remember, he hasn’t been aroaund long enough to really know politics…or has been too lazy to learn, Chicago politics being cheap, demeaning and not very sophisticated), to get support, and he bolstered it up with underlying race card tactics (white guilt showig how cool tehy are by supporting a black man…a favorite of fake liberals….remember Hollywood LOVED the Black Panthers in their heyday).
    Now he’s having to deal with the REAL politics..and those who have drunk the Koolaid are way in over their heads as he is…..it is like a train wreck waiting to happen…..

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