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In her latest column at Salon “Zombie Feminists of the RNC” Rebecca Traister asks:

“How did Sarah Palin become a symbol of women’s empowerment? And how did I, a die-hard feminist, end up terrified at the idea of a woman in the White House?”

As a white male, I try to avoid telling women and minorities what they should think, feel or do about things.  Being divorced, I know from experience that even on a retail basis my advice to women was neither wanted nor appreciated.  I doubt there is much market for it wholesale either.

But speaking strictly as an outsider, I think Rebecca should read The Big Tent, Violet’s latest at Reclusive Leftist:

“The idea is to create a place where we can join forces on the many issues that unite us, instead of remaining always divided by the issues that separate us.”

Makes sense to me.


But  what do I know?  I’m an asshole.


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  1. ha! good one – and I love the graphic.

  2. madamab says:

    A friend sent me that outrageous post today. Rebecca Traister is supposed to be a journalist, yet she perpetuates all the most poisonous smears against Palin in that article. I can use Teh Google – why can’t she?

    Feminism means standing up to sexism, in my view. If we say it’s okay for Palin because she’s a Republican, then we’re not feminists.

    And that’s the opinion of a woman.

    But some people think I’m an asshole, too.


  3. Pale Lion says:

    Succinct. Right on the mark. Sad but so often, so relentlessly true. One can only hope that one day this nation will wake up to a few facts about the struggle of life, realizing that even though one may still view the world through one’s own peculiar “Me First” lens, if we become the first to glare and hurl invectives at “the Other” there will be consequences to our worldview. There comes a time when we just need to look at the larger picture to learn where the true enemy resides. Sometimes, the enemy is us. Sometimes, the enemy is them. But always, the key is to not allow ourselves to be fooled by false bravado or phony solutions.

  4. steveeboy says:

    My mom and dad are brother and sister!

    (edited for the amusement of Capt. Spaulding)

  5. Pale Lion says:

    Stuck in moderation. Guess that makes me an asshole, too. But as my dear longsuffering wife often points out – at least, I’m HER asshole.

  6. kenoshaMarge says:

    Actually I don’t think being an asshole is part of “your” manly essence. (Ex-wife probably does not agree but they seldom do.)

    And I think, being a female an all, that Dr. Socks makes a hell of a lot more sense, feminism wise, than Rebecca Traister. Actually, the asshole would be Ms. Traister is she is really “terrified” at the thought of Governor Palin in the White House.

    And women who only think “liberal” feminists are worthy are not feminists IMHO. They’re just female liberals and should be labeled as such.

  7. swanspirit says:

    Sarah Palin will reach historic heights of power by … being a great governor ??That doesnt exactly conform to an outdated notion of what it means to be a woman . Neither does moosehunting for that matter . Neither does taking the idiot of a democratic candidate ON with out so much as a blink of an eye and in less time than it takes to put on lipstick !!!!!! perhaps if she wore long dresses and stayed home and baked cookies and crocheted and didn’t talk back
    I cannot wait until these people have to call her MADAME VICE PRESIDENT.

    myiq2xu I am proud to be your friend

    ps many long years ago when I lived in Colorado , some of us had a camp up in the mountains up above boulder we called ” asshole camp” Only the priveledged few assholes were permitted to know the location …….. we had pure spring water close by, great shelter and it was relatively easy to get to considering the climb….. but who would want to camp with “those assholes” teehheee …. you would have been most welcome

  8. nene says:

    My own feeling re a woman in the Executive Office Building/Naval Observatory* is we have to start the ball rolling NOW or it may never happen. I’m watching this play out before I decide my vote.

    *Are they ignorant or spreading fear with the “White House” misinformation.

  9. britgirls says:

    If Sarah succeeds, she’ll do it without needing feminists to bolster her support. And THAT will be the triumph of feminism.

    If Obama could succeed without 90% support from black, then I’d believe he was a “post-racial” candidate. But, as we know, he can’t. And his race-baiting tactics are going to rip this country in two. I lived in L.A. during the riots. I hoped never to witness that again.

    P.S. Myiq, so THIS is where steveeboy’s been hiding! LOL!!!

  10. kc says:

    too funny–sharing this with my husband-who loves the PUMAS. Thanks to all the ‘decent men’ in the world and that goes for you too, MYIQ

  11. HT says:

    you know, I’ve met a lot of a@@holes in my time – was married to one and had two children by another. As a result, I’ve got an inbuilt (learned not innate) sniffer for a##holes, and Miq, you don’t even come close. Now, Obama, there’s another story.
    Thank you, I needed a good guffaw.
    Back to lurking.

  12. steveeboy says:

    In prison they called me “Puddin’ Buns”

    (edited for the amusement of Capt. Spaulding)

  13. merciless says:

    Yes, stevee, it’s our fault. It’s all our fault. It’s always been all our fault.

    And you, paragon of the truth, come here and to Susie Madrak’s place as often as possible to remind us of it.


    Better trolls, please.

  14. steveeboy says:

    I am sexually aroused by leafy vegetables!

    (edited for the amusement of Capt. Spaulding)

  15. HT says:

    I have to delurk again to applaud your entirely appropriate changing of troll propaganda to more intelligent commentary.
    Well done.

  16. gmanedit says:

    I haven’t read the Traister piece. I do know that a friend of mine says Palin is better than Hillary, because she’s a self-made woman. Whoops! Turns out she was groomed by GOPAC ( She’s a friend of Newt’s.

    I can’t stand it that people are whipping themselves into enthusiasm about Palin. It’s like a mirror image of the Obots. I may have to vote Republican if it’s close in my state, but I’m not going to kid myself that she’s going to be good for women, any more than Clarence Thomas has been good for blacks. McCain was not allowed to choose his VP — he wanted Lieberman, then Ridge. He capitulated on Palin. Not mavericky enough.

    And this may be seen as irrelevant prying into her personal life, but the Times reported a few days ago that Palin went back to work the day after she gave birth to Willow. Is this normal behavior?

    Okay, flame me as a bad feminist.

  17. kenoshaMarge says:

    Consider yourself flamed.

    What business is it of ours how long a time Governor Palin took between giving birth and going back to work? What is normal? Some women seem to be able to have their children quickly and easily and others don’t. So what has that to do with anything? And it’s not like she went back to work digging ditches or some physically demanding job. Geez is that all you can find to complain about?

    And if some dimwit says she’s better than Hillary Clinton is that her fault? I don’t think she’s better, I don’t think she’s worse. I think she’s different.

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