2008 – The Year of Derangement

This is the year when the entire nation, or at least the left side of it, lost its mind.

We have always had deranged individuals.  Andy Sullivan and John Cole have been poster children for Clinton Derangement Syndrome for years, so it was no surprise that they were some of the first to exhibit symptoms of Palin Derangement Syndrome.  But who would have expected Jeralyn Merritt to lose her sanity over Governor Palin? 

Sadly, she is not alone.  Many alleged feminists have attacked Governor Palin with “astonishing disregard for the truth.”  The sexist coverage of Governor Palin at Salon has been as surprising as well as disturbing.

Now contending for the most bizarre stories about Sarah Palin are this and this and this by dogemperor at Corrente.  According to dogemperor, Ms. Palin is part of some religious conspiracy called the Dominionists that is headquartered within the Assemblies of God church and wants to impose a theocracy on America.  Here’s a taste:

Consider the International Association of Character Cities designation. One might think that the mayor and city council of Wasilla were just civic-minded individuals acting in a well-intended manner, searching for anything at all that might help with the intractable problems of crime and poverty – never mind that such cookie-cutter approaches never work for anyone.

But this is Wasilla, where by the year 2000 Palin had complete, dictatorial control having either raised up Council members who agreed with her or cowed into compliance those who did not. The entire city administrative structure was hers to command without question, since she had completely purged anyone who ever disagreed with her on anything and installed absolute subordinates in their place. The decision to join and support the IACC was made by her and driven to reality by her.

Among the IACC cities listed on their website are Wasilla, but also Fresno and Chowchilla, California.  I am familiar with the latter two municipalities, having lived and worked in Fresno and having spent most of my life a short drive from Chowchilla.  Chowchilla has two claims to fame:  It hosts two women’s prisons (including California’s female death row) and in the 70’s three men kidnapped a school bus full of kids from there (the kids were rescued unharmed and all three men are still imprisoned for that crime)  Neither of those places is anywhere close to a theocracy.  In both cities, the single largest religious organization is the Catholic church, not the Assembly of God.

I’m not going to regurgitate dogemperor’s insanity here, it might upset Captain Spaulding.  It’s pretty far out stuff.  But in true conspiracy-theory fashion, dogemperor asserts that the key pieces of evidence are “dogwhistles” that only the initiated can recognize.

But what does Lambert of PB 2.0 think of dogemperor’s Dominionist conspiracy theory?  Lambert who banned me for talking about Obama’s established links to William Ayers, the Weatherman terrorist, because I was making his blog look bad?  You’ll have to ask him, I’m not allowed to comment over there anymore.

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21 Responses to 2008 – The Year of Derangement

  1. garychapelhill says:

    Compton, CA is also on that list. are congresswoman Laura Richardson (D) , along wiith the mayor of Compton dominionists too?

  2. garychapelhill says:

    I’m sorry, but lambert is a pompous ass who considers himself above actuallly doing something other than criticize those of us willing to get our hands dirty and try to fix our democracy.

  3. myiq2xu says:


    You could have put the period in that sentence after the word “ass”

  4. Corrente was absolutely great with his graphs and charts during the primary, even though he often got into sidebars that were well…BORING.

    His style always reminded me of John Arovosis, Mr. Windbag himself whom I never visit anymore. Yep, I just like to stick with blogs that publish the unvarnished truth — whether it hurts The Chosen One or not.

  5. CognitiveDissonance says:

    I hadn’t visited Corrente for several weeks and decided to check there this morning. That article by dogemperor really shocked me – not the unmitigated crap in the article, but the fact that it was allowed to be published there at all. This year has felt so much like a science fiction B movie with a virus going around taking over formerly sane people and turning them into monsters. Thank the gods there are still a few of us left with immunity. I just hope we are enough.

  6. merciless says:

    What makes me laugh is how everybody is so shocked at the inner workings of small-town government. It’s all built on nepotism and dictatorial control; the small band of leaders who run a small town are very big fish in a very, very small pond, and they work it.

    You can bet your boots that Mayberry had no blacks on its city council (or in the town, for that matter, hmmm..) nor women. The crazies who lived up in the hills did so on purpose.

    Yeah, the democratic party has jumped an ocean of sharks. And now the economy is collapsing before our very eyes, and Hank Paulson wants $700 BILLION, no strings, to prop up his Wall Street frat brothers. Obama has the opportunity to stand in the way of it (as Hillary is even now doing).

    Will he?

  7. virginny says:

    Your banning — which I was sorry to see — was part of a very strange turn taken by Corrente a few weeks ago. There are several people over there suffering serious PDS. I was glad to find that you have your own blog since I enjoy your writing.

    Having grown up in a small town I can only laugh at the hysteria over the goings on in Wasilla. In that environment, anyone who suddenly becomes an “out” immediately begins to accuse the “ins” of corruption and illegalities. And they always contact the local media.

    I’m so done with the trashing of women candidates by women and am on board with the 30% solution. The democrats are a disgrace and they will not get my vote this year . I will vote for reasonable women candidates regardless of party.

  8. alice says:

    Corrente continues to grasp desperately for relevance, but the prissy, precious lapses into French and asterisk asides can’t hide the fact that Lambert and Co. have descended into self-parody. It amused me, when I was still reading the site, to see Corrente taking shots at PUMAs — who have actually done somethin — while they indulged in bloviating threads about The Terribly Terrible Importance of Corrente to PB 2.0.

    For the record, your banning was ridiculous. Why they would ban you and keep some of their post-literate “old timers” is beyond me. Lambert’s petty targeting of certain commenters, openly in threads, was a red flag from the start.

    The dominionist smear particularly annoys me, because the BO supporters launched the exact same smear job on Hillary Clinton. It appears that only the religion of Obama and Whole Foods Nation is pure enough to be tolerated — everything else is bitter, clinging, or the fodder for PDS/CDS conspiracy theories.

  9. Mike J. says:

    Yeah, I got banned too, apparently because I disagreed with certain posters’ characterization of McCain and Palin, and anyone who dared to speak well of them (i.e., me) as “evil”.

  10. makana44 says:

    I think Corrente is a great blog. I goes all over the place, but that’s one of the reasons why it’s so good. And while I don’t agree with him much of the time, I like Lambert a lot. He works hard. But dogemperor’s thing was pretty out there and really caught lots of flack. But Lambert persisted.

    I am shocked, though, that you were actually banned. Shutting down a line of thought is not cool. I’ve linked to your ‘follow the money’ post a couple of times in comments and sent it around to a lot of people, because you were on to who’s behind Obama, and why this empty suit is a bad customer. There are many examples of how and why Obama was ‘inserted’ on the Democratic side and Clinton was cut down (http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/2008/09/mccain-or-obama-who-is-responsible.html)leaving nothing to chance this year. And that also explains how he came out of nowhere.

    I have spoken well of McCain and the dirty truth about Obama and never had any unusual kickback on Corrente. What happened? Did you get an email from Lambert telling you you were banned, and why?

    Anyway, I’ve looked for your comments and wondered why they weren’t showing up. Kept coming back here. I really am having a hard time believing that you were shut down like that. Sucks man.

  11. El says:

    Lambert insist on research to disprove dogemperor’s post. When one does a search about the topic, it’s become apparent very quickly that it’s all self-referential. Dogemperor (a supposedly former pentecostal practitioner, who grew up in that cult) has been posting about Dominionism for years, he/she have also been tenuously linking different republicans to Dominionism. Most of Palin/Dominionism blog links in turn lead to other dogemperor’s posts – it’s like unraveling a huge ball of yarn, you can’t tell if there is a beginning or is it a continuous loop.

  12. makana44 says:

    Myiq – I brought it up at Corrente and to Lambert. Drop him an email and I think he’ll let you back on. For selfish reasons and for everyone else there and more, give it a try.

  13. gob says:

    Along with makana44, I’d love to see you back at Corrente. I’m biding my time, hoping the Palin freakout will go away and a better equilibrium will return. If you come back, that will be more likely. Otherwise, I’ll have to rethink my participation. Do please consider it.

  14. myiq2xu says:

    I did not leave Corrente – I was tossed out.

    No warning or explanation, I found out I had been banned when I tried to access “my blog” over there to find a post I had done a couple months earlier that had some of the links Lambert was demanding.

    What he did was chickenshit, not to mention hypocritical. And this was after I ignored his immature efforts to pick a fight by calling me names and insulting me.

    So I see no reason why I should have to ask him to let me back in. I didn’t ask him to ban me in the first place, nor did I do anything to justify his actions.

  15. jjmtacoma says:

    I’ve been visiting Corrente more lately, but the dogemperor posts bug the crap out of me. I don’t mind his panic about dominionists or whatever he is actually freaking out about – as much as I mind the crazy road he follows to link it to Palin.

    I haven’t been banned, probably I wouldn’t be… I think I am insulted by that.

    As much as your voice is missed at Corrente, Lambert made the pissy choice that day and Lambert needs to take the initiative to fix it.

  16. myiq2xu says:


    I’m not hard to find.

  17. jjmtacoma says:


    I’m glad for that.

  18. newhorizon says:

    I’m glad you have this blog. That Dominionist stuff is just embarrassing! I like Corrente, but I haven’t been commenting there (which I do under another name) for awhile. I wish Lambert would let the dominionist stuff go.

  19. makana44 says:

    The bottom line is that it’s not about Lambert. It’s about community, our community. And all the shit that’s going down now in the world around us. Corrente is a good place to hang out and share…ideas, knowledge, wisdom, camaraderie. Even getting poked in the eye from time to time. Lambert is a prime builder of the place so that gave him, appropriately so, squatter’s rights. So he bumped you out. Unceremoniously, pissily, and rudely. OK, get over it. You don’t have to come crawling on your knees. Just tell him you want back in. Give him a chance to undo the shit he did. He is not going to reach out to you.

    Some of us still are ‘good guys. You can off the ego shit. Even if he said no again, you’d come out the bigger man either way. You’ve got a forum to speak the truth here. It should be enough for you to know that you’ve built a group of friends out here who read your writings and really appreciate them, who support you and want you back where your voice can be more widely heard.

  20. I too, was banned from corrente, ironically enough over the whole “truthiness” bullshit they use to scuttle conversations when they want to. (gotta get meta ya know)

    His explanation:

    Lambert told me he was “tired”.


    Now corrente is running this crap?


    With lambert once again demanding that people “do the work”, while he can claim something to be true or false based upon his own “perception” of it?

    Man, please.

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