I was banned from TalkLeft!

Move over Lambert, you now have company.  Last night I was banned from from a site for only the second time ever.  Even John Cole, who had far more cause, never booted me from his place.

So what terrible crimes did I commit to deserve being banished?

I responded to Jeralyn’s latest screed against John McCain:

More and more media articles I’m reading tonight agree: McCain’s suspension of his campaign was a political stunt, a second Hail Mary pass to deal with falling poll numbers and growing worry among voters that Sarah Palin just is not qualified or prepared to be Vice President and that he makes rash decisions out of self-interest and tries to pass them off as patriotism.

with this:

Meanwhile, what has Obama done?  Nothing.

That was my one and only comment of the day.  Jeralyn immediately deleted it and banned me.

I guess Jeralyn can’t handle the truth. 

That seems to be a common trait of Obama supporters.


6 Responses to I was banned from TalkLeft!

  1. makana44 says:

    So what. The Obama sites are people talking to themselves by this time, anyway. And you are talking to those here who basically detest Obama. Last night I left a comment on Krugman’s column at the NYT. I was the first one there, timestamped at 3:01 AM. Krugman wrote a mostly truthful and insightful column, but he found it necessary near the end to take a gratuitous swipe at McCain. Here is what I said:

    “while refusing to say whether he supported the Paulson plan…”
    -Actually last Friday McCain said quite plainly and clearly that he did not support it.

    “he inserted himself into the delicate negotiations over the Congressional plan, insisting on a White House meeting…”
    – a meeting to which he had been invited

    “at which he reportedly said little.”
    — That was reported by whom exactly?

    “during which consensus collapsed.”
    – Consensus on what exactly? And because of whom exactly?

    You want to place blame here Mr. Krugman. But the whole truth would work better at telling the exact truth.

    The column’s “moderator” apparently didn’t think the comment was “on-topic and not abusive,” since while it was timestamped earlier than any comment shown this morning, it did not make it through the cut.

    Everyone who is reading blogs is by now a partisan. Jeralyn doesn’t want to hear nor post anything that she doesn’t want to hear or have her readers read. Truth be damned.

    Precious few are those sites where discussion can be had anymore. Even fewer are those where the truth about Obama can be spoken at all.

  2. merciless says:

    Jeralyn has become awfully pissy lately, with a lot of people.

    Most lefty blogs have been grasping at straws for some time, and I think a lot of them are drowning in their own cognitive dissonance. And that stuff gets stuck in your throat for a long time. Ack.

    Anyway, better for me, since that gives you more time to blog. Blog like the wind!

  3. creeper says:

    It’s that intolerance that drives me nuts. I went through it first at dKos, then TL, then even at Alegre’s corner.

    To see you banned for that comment boggles the mind.

    Why would anyone not want to listen to the opposition? If you do, one of two things will happen…you will either be more sure you am right or you may learn you were wrong. Where is the down side?

    I don’t know why they’re so hard-nosed. After all, they have the media working 24/7 for their candidate. They could afford to be a little more gracious.

  4. Mike J. says:

    That has been my experience too. I left Talk Left voluntarily when it became clear which way the wind blew. At Corrente I was banned outright for “spamming”. That is evidently what they call it over there when you reply to everything that is thrown at you (in my case, being called “evil”).

    Well, so much for Progressive Blogosphere 2.0.

  5. kenoshaMarge says:

    I can understand blogs that vaporize trolls asap. But when you are afraid to have a conversation with someone who simply doesn’t agree with you on some points it seems to me that you don’t believe in actual conversation. What they want is an echo chamber. BTD has that with andgarden.

    Corrente having the chutzpah to ban anyone after the sexist rants lately posted about older white women and calling them racist is nauseating. Thought Lambert was one of the best. Now, just don’t know.

  6. You were banned because you are a Democrat. Talk Left stated that ALL Republicans are welcome, just no PUMAs.

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