Barack Obama flaps arms, clucks like a chicken, wins debate

“Bloviating media gasbags and Obamabloggers declare Obama looked “Presidential,” easily won first match-up with Senator John “Crypt Keeper” McCain.”

I haven’t seen anything this ridiculous since back in 2000 when the same bloviating gasbags decided that since G-Dub didn’t shit himself debating Al Gore that he “won” their debates.  How did that work out for us?

Now if you want to see some serious cognitive dissonance, check out this from Jeralyn:

CNN just interviewed a McCain adviser named Nicole. She not only watched a different debate than the rest of us, she’s deaf. She said Obama, whose tax cuts would apply to 95% of Americans, all who earn under $250k, would enact tax increases for the vast majority of Americans.

Once she said that, I just tuned her out.

It’s the difference between spinning and outright lying. She lied.

Lemme guess Jeralyn, what you do is “spinning,” right?

Do you want to know what the difference between spinning and outright lying is? 

There isn’t one.


3 Responses to Barack Obama flaps arms, clucks like a chicken, wins debate

  1. creeper says:

    Once they started nipping at the Kool-Aid over at TL it was a downward slide from then on. They’re a particular disappointment. They seemed brighter than the average lefty bloggers.

  2. merciless says:

    Well of course the lefty bloggers are going to declare the Precious the bestest debater evah, and declare McCain the spawn of Satan come to earth. I expected nothing less.

    To tell the truth, I couldn’t bear watching, so I watched the Cubs and Phillies instead. Afterward I got on Calculated Risk, and somebody in the thread said that Obama won the debate, but didn’t cover the spread. Good enough for me.

  3. sister of ye says:

    I remember elections back to Johnson-Goldwater – though I was far from old enough to vote, my parents were politically expressive. I was a year too young to vote in Nixon-McGovern, the latter of whom I rooted for, though not as one of the youth groupies, who were mostly of a financially better-off class.

    This is the most dismal choice I’ve ever faced. Though I endured the Bush debates both runs, I couldn’t bring myself to tune in last night. I’ve heard all of McCain’s schtick, and I don’t trust a word Obama says, so why put myself thru the annoyance.

    I got used to it with Junior, but who knew the DNC could dig up a Dem who makes Nixon look good in hindsight.

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