More hypocrisy from TalkLeft

At least this time it’s not from Jeralyn, it’s from TChris:

Douglas Wead misses the point when he asks: “Are we saying [evangelical Christians] can’t participate in public life?” No. We’re asking how, if at all, those beliefs shape the candidate’s view of appropriate public policy.

That view on the religious beliefs of candidates sure wasn’t the consensus opinion of Left Blogistan back in March when Reverend Jeremiah Wright became news.

With Digby promoting ageism, I guess i shouldn’t be so hard on the junior Kool-aid slurper at TalkLeft. 

But I sure miss the days when lefty bloggers had principles.


One Response to More hypocrisy from TalkLeft

  1. Melissa says:

    And when exactly were those days?

    Forgive the sarcasm, but as a more conservative Democrat (who has before and will again vote Republican), I’ve seen lots of nastiness coming from left Blogoslovakia for years now. Just out of curiousity, and I apologize if this puts you on the spot, do you think you would have seen the nastiness if the whole “Hillary thing” hadn’t happened?

    I’m very much enjoying these PUMA blogs and I enjoy your witticisms in particular.

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