Pennywise and pound foolish

There really is a financial crisis.  But don’t let some clown scare you into making a mistake.

The bailout bill that was defeated today was a bad bill.  The only thing good about it was that it wasn’t as bad as the original proposal.  


Paul Krugman gave it his (bare minimum) approval.  Supposedly it was agreed to by the leaders of both parties, so why did it fail?  From Texas Hill Country:

Once the initial reaction passed, the public began begrudgingly to accept that the bill was gonna happen, even though they were none too pleased…  and then the Democrats politicized the hell out of it.

Reid called out McCain, so McCain called him on his bluff and headed to DC.  Reid then backpeddaled when Obama decided to stay on the trail.  Bush said ”oh hell no, you are not gonna callout my boy and then sit on the sidelines” and ordered Obama back to DC too.  Pelosi began bashing the Republicans saying that the Democrats bear no responsibility what-so-ever.  Obama led some talks, apparently poorly, that ended up in shouting matches.  Democrats began to rail against the “failed Republican economic philosphy” when in actuality, the Dems bear as much responsibility as the Republicans, the Banks and, honestly, the people that took loans they could not afford or did not understand. (emphasis added)

Dennis Kucinich, Sheila jackson-Lee, Darrell Issa and Ron Paul all voted against it.  Talk about strange bedfellows!  Some people are trying to blame the GOP for defeating the bill, but it was truly a bipartisan vote.  More Democrats voted against it than Republicans voted for it.

So what to we do now?  We tell our elected leaders to QUIT PLAYING POLITICS AND DO YOUR JOBS!

Call ’em, and tell ’em we’ll be watching, and remind them that the election is really close.


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