Who gives a fuck about Obama’s birth certificate?

Really, who gives a shit?  As someone who is fully and completely opposed to his candidacy, and who thinks he is not only unqualified to be President but has disqualified himself from holding any public office, let me say in regards to his birth certificate:


Barack Obama is the natural child of Stanley Ann Dunham, a citizen of the United States.  He is, by birth, a citizen of the United States.  His place of birth is irrelevant, even if it was outside the United States, because he is still a United States citizen.

Whether or not he was formally adopted by his stepfather Leo Soetoro it would not deprive him of United States citizenship.  There is no evidence that he ever considered himself a citizen of any other nation, either wholly or as part of a so-called “dual citizenship” nor is there evidence he has “divided loyalties” that would make it problematic for him to be our chief executive.

Furthermore, it is not only completely irrelevant what religious training or experience (if any) he received in his childhood, such questions are offensive and innappropriate. 

The fact that he may have been less than honest about some things from his childhood does not make these inquiries relevant or appropriate.  Since it was none of our business in the first place the accurate answers to the questions are still none of our business.

There are plenty of issues to investigate, discuss and oppose Obama over.  Leave this tin-foil hat bullshit alone.

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  1. katiebird says:

    I guess I’m still catching up. I didn’t know this was still an issue. I thought that even NQ gave it up??

  2. katiebird says:

    Oh, and I LOVE your graphics!

  3. johninca says:

    I literally don’t even understand this issue– it’s one of those things, to borrow a phrase from James Brady, that make MEGO: My Eyes Glaze Over. If people want to litigate this in the courts, fine, but I care about Obama’s misbegotten policies.

  4. swanspirit says:

    The sky is beautiful tonight …as the sun’s light quietly fades and the evening shade deepens … let us re-cycle the tin foil hats …. to show respect for the earth and all her elements 😉

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    They say Aluminium We say Aluminum
    Who gives a fuck ?

    Has anyone ever had sex on the periodic table ??

    um… never mind

  5. FemTheDem says:

    Whether or not he was formally adopted by his stepfather Leo Soetoro it would not deprive him of United States citizenship.

    Actually, that’s not true. I’m a dual national/dual citizen myself. If you’re a US born citizen, then you’re right. No one can take away your US citizenship… with 1 caveat. If you renounce your US citizenship via the Consulate of your jurisdiction in the US, you lose your citizenship.

    One example of this: If you take an oath (or your parent does so by proxy) via a foreign Consulate, such as the oath taken when you apply for a Passport, you lose your US citizenship. If you’ve ever applied for a Passport, you recall the oath you must take before it’s issued –> that you do not have any allegiances to a foreign country. This is a built-in protection of the Consulate,.. so that people don’t apply for Passports everywhere they go. Once you’re issued a US Passport, you lose your other foreign Passports.

    The only exception to that is if you are a “Dual National” (dual citizen). That means that you can carry 2 Passports and do not have to renounce either country. Such as, if you were born here in the US, but your mother was born in Germany…. you’d have the right to hold 2 Passports without “renouncing” either country.

    I have no idea if Obama ever renounced his US citizenship (or) if his parents themselves renounced their US citizenship… with the latter, he would lose it by proxy if he was a minor at the time. It’s all a pain in the azz and honestly, pretty damn easy to screw up if you’re a Dual citizen. I’ve come close to screwing up my own US citizenship… and I was born here. It’s very possible his parents had no idea they were renouncing allegiance to the US (and maybe they didn’t). I’m just saying, it’s very easy – clerically – to do, even by accident.

  6. myiq2xu says:

    I periodically have sex on . . .yeah, nevermind

  7. Mike J. says:

    I agree. If there was any evidence Obama were not eligible for the presidency the GOP would have long produced it. Dead end, red herring, waste of time.

  8. katiebird says:

    “the GOP would have long produced it”

    Well, I don’t know about that. I think they’re being bizarrely silent this year. (going off on a tangent) IF I were McCain, I’d be running advertisements saying that we don’t need a guy that worshiped in the church of “God Damn America” as President — especially now when things are so serious (avoiding the word dire) I’d make sure everyone saw the words, “God Damn America” and that photo of Obama with Wright EVERY hour of every day from now till the election.

    The fact that we haven’t seen that since spring means that McCain doesn’t really want to win.

  9. Honora says:

    Willing to borrow the tin hat over here. I do not suggest that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president, but…. Obama has lied about millions of things. I figure that he lied about his parents being married (they obviously were not legally married, since SR had a wife and child(ren) in Africa; he may have a different name; he may be listed as Muslim; who knows? Many ’embarrassing’ questions are asked during the campaign to be president. Obama had given us answers to many of these questions, but I figure that most of the answers are lies. I think that the fact that he is a liar is relevant to the issue. PS this font is not kind to old, bitter readers that need better glasses. PSS The glasses that I drink my wine out of are fine, it is the ones on my face that give me the trouble.

  10. stxabuela says:

    Every time I hear about the birth certificate cr@p, I remember having to memorize the terms, “jus soli” and “jus sanguinis” from MANY decades ago in elementary school.

    The other thing that drives me insane are the effing emails I keep getting from my evangelical Christian relatives screaming, “Obama is a MUSLIM!!!!” Oh, puhleeze, people, he’s not a frickin’ Muslim! He’s a frickin’ amoral opportunist! He has NO identifiable beliefs whatsoever.

    No matter who wins in November, we’re all scr*wed.

  11. cookiegramma says:

    I don’t agree with the concept that McCain doesn’t want to win Katiebird. I think that he might feel his hands are tied. You know as well as I do that any commentary against Obama has been met with the cry of racism. Even the discussion about Ayers has been met with that accusation. I think that McCain is trying, but knows that to go negative himself would really damage his chances. Traditionally the job of the vice presidential candidate is to attack, and Palin is trying. I actually heard one of Bidens attacks by accident today ( I normally turn off the sound when that campaign comes on). He is pretty sorry. McCain does need to be respected if he wins, and we know that the polls are rigged in favor of the democrat. I am actually wondering if there is a chance of Obama being charged with the violation of the Logan act over his actions in Iraq and Kenya. That may prove more interesting if Bush has the backbone to do what is right.

  12. jjmtacoma says:

    I’d be all for looking for the *real* birth certificate if it would get Rachel Maddow and KO to STFU.

  13. Honora says:

    Love blogging here, I’m a full three hours younger.

  14. Sophie says:

    Well, just because no one else brought it up, I will…there’s one big “yeah but…” The rulz don’t just say you have to be a citizen. If that were the case, we could run Aaaahnold against Albright. The rulz say you have to be a natural born citizen. But other than that, it probably is a red herring.

    I figure the only reason he isn’t producing his real birth certificate is because he wants to milk this out. I mean, if he solves it now, we’ll only go on to the next issue, like, say, the fact that he hasn’t ever accomplished anything and if he actually has, not one of his supporters knows what it is.

  15. sm77 says:

    The point is that the US constitution says that a president cannot have dual citizenship. It’s not the Kenyan one, it’s the Indonesian citizenship as he wa adopted by an Indonesian citizen.

    And yes, Republicans have certainly been silent because had Obama been disqualified in the primaries, up goes Hillary for the win.

  16. swanspirit says:

    Rachel Maddows birth certificate says ” Keith Olbermans mini me “

  17. jjmtacoma says:

    Swanspirit: “mini me”!!!

  18. NH says:

    Obama should not be above the law. If a Fed judge decides that a legal challenge to Obama qualifications is actionable, then Obama should be required to come forth to present evidence of his compliance. I find it amazing that you would draw these conclusions without any evidence. It’s clear your not a lawyer.

    It isn’t up to you or any of us to decide this case. If Obama isn’t going to held up to the law before he is elected, can we all say Barack Obama Nixon II.

  19. Not sure I can agree that the Republicans have been silent ’cause they didn’t want to face Hillary. I think they would have fared better against Hillary…at least she is a known factor, with known stances to attack. With Obama, they are faced with trying to attack the unknown. It’s like trying to argue the existence of God…there’s just no winning it on either side, because in the end, there’s no actual proving it either way.

  20. Eleanor A says:

    Or it’s like the search for life on other planets (which are widely considered so far away it’s not worth looking): It’d take so much energy to bring BO down in court that it almost wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Meanwhile he’d be committing all sorts of shenanigans on other fronts…

  21. votermom says:

    What actually bothers me more than citizenship issue is Obama’s close ties to Kenya. Obama has immediate family (grandmother, half-siblings) in Kenya and he’s campaigned for a Kenyan president. This bothers no one? Yet if it were not Kenya, but a different country, say Russia, or China, or Korea, or Pakistan, wouldn’t that bother people? Should a president have potentially divided national loyalties? Are we so dismissive of Kenya’s sovereignty that we can consider it completely subsumable to the USA?

  22. samanthasmom says:

    Re: It’s not worth searching for life on other planets because they’re too far away

    If the plan is to drop by for a visit, current technology may not be able to make that happen, but the knowledge that the Earth is not the only planet in the universe to harbor life would change our sense of who we are dramatically. The rejection of Galileo’s claim that the Earth was not the center of the universe was based on what it did to our position in the universe philosophically, not a rejection of his scientific methods. We weren’t ready to occupy a smaller role than being what everything else revolves around.
    Obama’s birth certificate issue is more about just how corrupt can the DNC be. Are they shoving someone down our throats that they knew wasn’t even eligible to run, or did he bamboozle them, and now they can’t get out of the mess without bringing the whole party down? If Obama’s birth certificate proves he’s eligible to be POTUS, then why not hand it to the judge and shut this whole thing down? If he’s not eligible, then the Democrats need to believe in the system and let it work. When Nixon resigned, there were those who thought our democracy wouldn’t be able to withstand it. Although the office of the presidency was tarnished, the country moved on. If the Democrats are running someone who is not constitutionally eligible to be president, then it needs to be handled, not hidden. If Obama is not a natural born citizen and is allowed to serve anyway, I nominate Madeleine Albright for 2012.

  23. ahrcanum says:

    The natural child was born to a woman 18 years old at the time, most likely on Kenyan soil and a little technicality in the law says she had to be 19.

  24. heather says:

    Wow, I used to think I was kind of smart until I started coming to blogs. It is clear to me that five children have sucked the grammar and prose right out of me. Also, I’m on the cusp of losing my ability to read this font due to my ever advancing age.

    I guess I think the birth certificate is pertinent because he has made it so by not producing it. Wouldn’t you think that before a person was registered by a party as their candidate there would be like say a little pow-wow where all the candidates showed up with their documents and were registered or something? You know, like you’re registering for something important, like running the free world?

  25. BettyO says:

    representing me and this nation.

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