Obama will get my vote when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

We have been bombarded for months with the message that Obama has already won.  It started in January and never stopped. 

Riverdaughter has been telling us since she started The Confluence that we should not give up, that we should ignore the pundits, the polls and the trolls and keep fighting until the votes were finally cast and counted.  That used to be the message at many other blogs as well.

We Conflucians may indeed be the last paranoid band of shrieking hold-outs, but we damn sure ain’t gonna quit now.


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  1. Pol C says:

    Here’s the text of my response to your complaint about being accused of plagiarism over at Alegre’s Corner. You can go to the original post for the links.


    Try again

    I tried to be polite about this matter last July. My tack then was to hopefully embarrass you into acknowledging and apologizing for what you did. It didn’t work, and by the time that was apparent there were more pressing matters.
    For those who are wondering what this is about, here’s what happened:

    –On Thursday, July 24, Digby posted a piece on her Hullabaloo blog titled Pressing the Press. In essence, the piece accused anyone who referred to Obama as “presumptuous”—it was a common adjective among critics of his Berlin speech–as either being racist or otherwise perpetuating a racist dogwhistle. A few posts that followed made sarcastic reference to the “presumptuous” references, including Digby’s odious extrapolation, “uppity.”

    I was appalled by this, and I left a number of comments complaining about this and arguing with other commenters about it. I’ve checked the comment thread, and despite his claims above, there are no comments by myiq2xu whatsoever. All of mine are intact, so I don’t think they were deleted.

    –On Sunday, July 27, I posted an essay outlining my objections to what Digby wrote on my Pol Culture blog titled “Obama, Racism…and Digby.”

    –On Monday, July 28, I cross-posted the essay here at Alegre’s Corner and at MyDD. The MyDD post (link here went up at 12:53PM Eastern Standard. It went up here at Alegre’s Corner (link here at 1:50 PM Eastern Daylight, which means they went up within minutes of each other.

    –At 8:01PM Pacific, myiq2xu posts an anti-Digby essay titled “Who Kidnapped Digby?” with arguments all but identical to those in my piece on his blog Klownhaus (link here.) It’s cross-posted at The Confluence that evening. Times aren’t indicated for Confluence posts, but the first comment shows up at 11:13PM Eastern, so it was likely just a few minutes before that.

    –On Tuesday morning, I discover this while reading the comments for the “Precious Little” piece on Anglachel’s Journal. Our friend myiq2xu decided to promote it there. I followed the link to The Confluence and read the essay. I was furious, but I resolved to stay polite. I posted a comment of my own at Anglachel’s, which linked to my piece and included this statement, “It’s not acknowledged, but it probably inspired myiq2xu’s piece at Riverdaughter referenced above. It at least preceded myiq2xu’s post.”

    –I also submitted a comment shortly before that to the original post on Klownhaus. It includes links to the essay on my blog and here at Alegre’s Corner, and remarks, “You may have already seen this…” Comments at Klownhaus–at least at the time–were in moderation, so you had to have seen this before you let it go up. The bloggers I know who moderate comments always check out the links in submitted comments before publishing them. So, unless you’re a very strange exception to that rule, you’ve seen the piece of mine in question.

    Just to recap, myiq2xu, I published my piece on a Sunday, and I cross-posted them very publicly early Monday afternoon. Monday evening, about ten hours later, you published a piece of your own that does little but repeat my arguments in your own words. Now, of course, you’re the only one who knows for certain whether you plagiarized me or not, but I think the accusation passes the reasonable-doubt test. And I think it’s fair to speculate that you probably read my piece here, instead of at my own blog or MyDD.

    Oh, by the way, I’ve made screenshots of the Klownhaus and Riverdaughter posts, just in case you get in a scrubbing mood.

    Hopefully, you’ll be happier that the accusation is more “to your face” than last time.

  2. I’ll still be shreiking until the last vote is counted….and then maybe beyond.

  3. murphy says:

    we’re not quitting either miq2xu!

  4. Woman Voter says:

    Maybe if we interlock hands it will make us stronger and they won’t pry the vote out of us. Maybe we already sent it in via absentee mail…

    Never give it up…
    Viva La Resistance’

  5. Woman Voter says:

    Hey, I just noticed those are buzzards in that photo, so that mean…OH NO…

    They got your vote?

  6. Woman Voter says:

    oops that was means…but you get the point.

    So, did ya do it? I would be SOOOO SHocked if you did. 😦

  7. alice says:

    Damn straight. I wouldn’t cave in on any other issue of principle, even if I was part of the last band of unrepentant shrieking holdouts on the planet. I’ve never cared to sell my soul that cheap. Why would I start now?

    Honestly, I think some people don’t have the strength of character to stand against the crowd.

  8. Joanelle says:

    Absolutely Miq2xu! with my last breath

  9. jjmtacoma says:

    I think many of the folks that started out with us took the position that “I won’t vote FOR nobama, but I am a really good democrat and always have been.” The democrat identity was so important to them that they are now wavering or are too afraid of the EVIL that is McCain to allow obama to not “win”.

    They said they won’t vote on the top ticket and probably thought they meant it, but the FUD is getting in the way of resolve, plus being called stupid daily is hard to deal with if you don’t supply your own source of confidence.

    If I wasn’t hooked on the smart writing, I could walk away from this computer (get some useful work done) and I’d STILL use my vote to change the DNC. I’m just glad to see others staying the course and sad for those who don’t have the backbone for it.

    I will feel a little sorry for the folks who lost resolve if obama wins and then governs the way I am afraid he will. But maybe, then they will be PUMA again and lie out of owning it!

  10. kenoshaMarge says:

    Wouldn’t give the bastards the satisfaction of giving in. I’m hanging in there, holding on and never giving in til they plant my flabby, old ass.

    And I won’t be singing his praises in the hereafter either. If there is one. And if I get to go there if there is one.

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