ACORN under investigation in 12 states.

This is an issue that everyone, conservatives, liberals and fauxgressive Obama supporters alike should be concerned about. 

Any kind of election fraud, including dubious voter registration, undermines the integrity of our political system and the legitimacy of our leaders.  For eight years the left has been pointing to Florida in the 2000 election as proof that George W. Bush was not legitimately elected.  Now many of those same lefties want to recreate that same argument to be used against Obama if he wins.  And if you think the GOP will emulate the do-nothing Democrats and ignore the issue you are high on hopium.

Remember when progressives had principles?  Liberals still have them.


3 Responses to ACORN under investigation in 12 states.

  1. madamab says:

    I’m not sure progressives ever did. Liberals were the ones with principles.

  2. Woman Voter says:

    Yup, I am no longer saying I am a progressive. They have turned progressive into Oppressive. 😦

    I always took great pride in being a Democrat and always thought we held the high road, but since the DNC rigged the primary on May 31st 2008 I now recognized that our party has been compromised. RED ALERT…the party is being taken over by the OPPRESSIVE BORG…remember RESISTANCE ISN’T FUTILE…HOLD YOUR GROUND AND DON’T GIVE IN!

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