Our long national nightmare isn’t over

Election day is two weeks from today, but we already lost.

Seriously, no matter who wins on November 4th, we lost.  We lost this election a long time ago, somewhere between the time when the media decided they wanted Barack Obama to be the next President and when the DNC stole the nomination from Hillary and gave it to an empty suit.  We lost, Hillary lost, the nation lost.

All that is left for us is a choice between bad and worse, but that’s a distinction that Lazarus Long said is far more critical than the one between good and better.  I have no illusions about John McCain.  He will be a bad choice, and the best we can expect is that he will be a mediocre President during a time of crisis.

But Barack Obama is worse.  He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, with an empty resume and the worst traits of George W. Bush.  His election will be a setback for liberal politics and a disaster for the Democratic party.  He will cause Democrats to lose seats in Congress (and possibly control of the Senate) in 2010 and will allow the GOP to retake the White House in 2012.  We can expect four years of gridlock, scandals, right-of-center policies, ineffective crisis management and a failed Presidency.

Either candidate will in all likelihood be a one-term President.  If McCain wins then Hillary will be well positioned to defeat him in 2012.  But if Obama wins no Democrat will be permitted to challenge him for the nomination when he runs for reelection, thus pretty much ending Hillary’s chances of ever becoming President.

It’s gonna be a long four years either way.  But then nobody said it would be easy.


4 Responses to Our long national nightmare isn’t over

  1. Pat Johnson says:

    I am in total agreement. McCain will undoubtedly be nothing more than a mediocre choice but that choice must be made if we are to overcome a much riskier one in Obama.

  2. T.H. says:

    First time visitor to your site, clicked over from Ace’s. I’m a more enthusiastic McCain supporter than you are, socially-liberal, fiscally-conservative Republican that I am, but I understand your point that neither choice is so great this year.

    One thing going for McCain is that if he’s in the White House we’ll have a divided government with its tendency to generally curb the extremes on both sides. Plus McCain’s no nutty right-winger and even though the media has tried to portray her as such Sarah Palin isn’t either, in governing practice.

    Obama doesn’t remind me of the worst of George W. Bush so much as he reminds me of the worst of Nixon, with the thin-skinned overreactions, legal threats to and intimidation of detractors, and overall paranoid style.

    Unfortunately I’m afraid we’ll get the chance to find out which of us is more correct over the next 4 years.

  3. madamab says:

    Myiq – I didn’t get a chance to comment on this over at The Confluence, but you have EXACTLY expressed my feelings. The next four years are going to suck really, really badly.

    My only hope is that McCain will win and consult HRC extensively as to how to address the economic problems we are facing. I am encouraged by the fact that he has already done so.

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