My Ex-Wife Injured In Accident

I was heart-broken to learn she is expected to fully recover.


4 Responses to My Ex-Wife Injured In Accident

  1. merciless says:

    Now, now, bad karma for you. Of course, if she’d been in the car with my ex-husband, I might think differently.

  2. Woman Voter says:

    Well, if you are still thinking about the LOVE that Flew away, you must have really been in some spell…she darn brewed up for ya! Sooner or later the spell will wear off and you can go to sleep dreaming of chicken and bloomers again!

    Have a good one! 😉

  3. sportsone234 says:

    You are wicked . . . wickedly funny that is. LOL

  4. Woman Voter says:

    OK, on Halloween I expect a picture of a warlock crashing into a tree to be fair and balanced!

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