Strawmen and Smears

A few weeks back a blogger we admire named Anglachel surprised a few of us slamming The Confluence in this post:

Back in early June, I condemned the willingness of pro-Hillary supporters to deliberately take up the racist, ratfucking bullshit of the Right to spread smears about Michelle Obama, in Visceral Reactions. The epicenter for this type of assault was (and remains) No Quarter, run by a Republican (Hillary supporter or not) and very friendly to Republican interests. Recently, The Confluence has begun serving up the same ugly mix, which is why I have dropped it from my blog roll and will have nothing to do with PUMA. The current set of posts (no, I will not link to them) serves up a toxic brew ostensibly about the current financial market and Obama’s connections to it, but is actually little more than regurgitation of the Republican racist assault on equal opportunity lending.

There is an obvious reason she did not link to (or quote from) the posts she is referring to – they don’t exist.  Oh, dakinkat and Lady Boomer put up some excellent and informative posts on the financial crisis, but not one of them was a “regurgitation of the Republican racist assault on equal opportunity lending.”  Wouldn’t you expect such a serious charge to be backed up be specific evidence? 

Today Anglachel posted this:

As I read the newspapers and the blogs about the mortgage meltdown, a certain pattern is emerging. Toxic mortgage = subprime mortgage = low income borrower = minority borrower.

I read her post several times, and it’s one of the prettiest strawmen I’ve ever seen.  Now I’ll be honest, I don’t know shit about economics.  I can’t even balance a checkbook.  But I can play connect the dots, and Anglachel hasn’t connected the dots.

Nowhere in her post does she provide an example of anyone, on the left, right or center making the case that minority borrowers were the cause of the mortgage meltdown.  She alleges that there is a “pattern” that appears in newspapers and blogs, but doesn’t back up that allegation with a shred of proof.  It doesn’t matter how good a job she does of disproving that allegation, because it’s just a strawman argument. 

I’m still not ready to address her two earlier posts, which included this astounding claim:

Alegre and Red Queen have recent posts up about the basic fact that rape is a problem with men. It is something you men evidently enjoy doing and don’t really want to see stop happening, though perhaps you’d prefer it not happen to your current female, unless you’re the one doing it.

The word that comes to mind when I read that is misandry.

3 Responses to Strawmen and Smears

  1. Woman Voter says:

    Oct 24, 2008
    The 2007 De Anza rape investigation was a police inquiry into allegations of sexual assault of a minor arising from an off-campus party on March 4, 2007. The investigation focused on eight members of the 2007 De Anza College baseball team. The allegations were investigated by the Santa Clara County, California Sheriff’s Department, and reviewed by Santa Clara County District Attorney Dolores Carr. June 4, 2007, Carr stated that no charges would be filed. This decision was questioned by many, and the Office of the Attorney General was invited by the prosecutor to perform an independent investigation of the available evidence. May 2, 2008, the Attorney General’s office determined that there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone present with a crime.
    [and now take a look at the one in 2007]
    Revision as of 21:50, 19 June 2007
    On March 3-4, 2007, a 17-year old girl attended a birthday party of one of the players of the De Anza College Baseball team.[1][2] There she consumed alcohol provided at the party, and got drunk. Her blood alcohol level (BAC) was .27, a level at which a person can be considered unconscious, intoxicated, and unable to give consent.[3][4] She was unable to remember what happened to her that night. She awoke at a local hospital having been brought in by some good Samaritans, who informed hospital staff that the girl had been raped. Police were summoned and an investigation initiated by Santa Clara County deputies on March 4. Some of the partygoers refused to cooperate.[5] [6] The San Francisco Chronicle reported that at least three men, including two baseball players, had sex with the victim, while as many as ten others cheered [7]on watching.[8][9][10][11] Eventually, three 20-year-old women from the De Anza College Soccer Team peeked through the French doors and saw what was happening to the girl. They managed to break down the door and rescue the teenage victim.[12] The three women state that she was so intoxicated she appeared comatose, was unable to stand and had to be physically removed from the home. The women claim they asked for help, yet none of the men present helped. They monitored her breathing on the way to the hospital, but she appeared lifeless and her eyes were shut.[13] The case has gained national attention after Santa Clara County District Attorney Dolores Carr’s decision not to try the rape case, bringing about criticism and continued backlash from protesters locally and nationally.[14][1

    I don’t know how the feud started but I will say this on my observations on how the media treats women of rape; they generally are discounted even today and even when there are witnesses. The above is case and point, as today’s article is ‘sanitized’ and the one at that followed the incident/crime was more reflective of the events and had adequate citations. By and large rape goes unreported and many are suppressed to protect the wealthy and often simply to suppress the incident all together.

    Given the treatment of the minor victim in the article if you were raped would you report it? So, what ever the bad blood was, why not try to find some common ground, since you do hang out with mainly women and no I don’t hate men, in fact I think men and women can have good relationships when each has respect for the other.

    OK, I have said my peace and I would hope that in the future you cite more of the article but try not to make it personal. Some times painful events in a person’s life, in many cases bring about change because they refuse to shut up, fall in-line and in the end that in and of its self helps to bring about necessary changes in the laws to protect women and men of sexual assaults.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    Woman Voter:

    I am not claiming that rape does not occur or that it is not a serious crime. Rapists are pieces of shit. I think all rapists deserve life w/o parole, and my only concern is making sure they are guilty.

    My objection to Anglachel’s post was the assertion that all men are rapists or rapist enablers. I take personal offense to that accusation.

    In prisons rapists have to be segregated from other prisoners because even murdering scum hate men who commit rape.

  3. Woman Voter says:

    My objection to Anglachel’s post was the assertion that all men are rapists or rapist enablers. I take personal offense to that accusation. myiq2xu

    Yes, I understand that point and no I do not believe that ‘ALL’ men are rapists or rapist enablers. I do think society does however step back rather than face some very not pleasant truths. Even Freud amended his theory when rebuffed and changed it to say it was all in the minds of the women. That has yet to be fully examined and exposed. So, under pressure even Freud…gave in.

    But no, not all men are rapists and not all men are enablers either and we must be supportive of the ones that are true to themselves, their society, their women folk and to the truth.

    Thanks for allowing my post.

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