Just a note for our GOP friends

We have been seeing quite a bit of you lately.  Some of you are visiting here, some of us are visiting over there.  We have formed an informal strategic alliance to defeat Barack Obama.  But make no mistake, we are not Republicans nor do we  wish to join your party.  As our blogmother said yesterday:

And to all of you Republican readers out there, I just have one question:  what are you doing here?!  I mean, seriously, we are Democrats.  Some of us are Liberals.  We believe in the common good and progressive taxation and supporting unions and that kind of stuff.  (Stop flinching)  I think it’s fascinating that we are suddenly cool to you guys, like some kind of exotic species.  Maybe you like to run with a dangerous crowd.  Take a walk on the wild side.  But let’s be honest, we’re just not into being Republican.  If some of us vote for McCain, it’s only because he’s more honorable than Obama and didn’t screw half of his party out of their votes.

Please spare us the right-wing talking points.  if you want to talk strategy, that’s fine.  But don’t start talking about policy, because we are liberals.  Let me repeat that: WE ARE LIBERALS!  After the election, let’s hold some online debates and discussions.  I’m all for that.

But there are only six days left until election day, and I’m down to my last nerve.  And when you start spewing Reagan/Bush bullshit, you’re getting on it.  You guys already have all the PUMA votes you can get.  But if you keep insisting that Barack Obama is really a socialist, I may vote for him in spite of everything. 

Are we clear?


10 Responses to Just a note for our GOP friends

  1. Carol says:

    Who’s the band???????

  2. Joanelle says:

    I like that notion Myiq – an online debate/discussion!

  3. scrubs57 says:

    I always say, “down to my last GAY nerve” (for obvious reasons). My kids get a laugh over it.

    Thanks for making the point, myiq.

  4. myiq2xu says:


    Nazareth – I think they are members of the Church of the Nazarene that I was raised in

  5. kitchen says:

    well, at least i’m a friend… that’s nice.
    online debates and discussions… grreat idea.

    anyway, hold on tight to that last nerve. if you need someone
    to beat on, beat on kitchen. i’m used to it. i take abuse well…
    ask my wife.

    well, back to lurking…

  6. Carol says:


  7. sister of ye says:

    When Obama talks about redistributing the wealth, it’s not his wealth he’s talking about – witness his pitiful charitable contributions, which mostly went to his loony church.

    His plan will strip the working and middle classes to throw enough to “the poor” for a PR cover. Most will go, just like with Junior Bush, to his political cronies.

    There’s Swedish-type socialism that actually forms a safety for the country’s people. Then there’s scam socialism, which is just another pose to obtain power. If Obama is a socialist, it’s the second sort he buys into.

  8. TheRealKim says:

    Nazareth brings back lots of memories, not that I do remember, those being 714 glory days.

    Anyway, great post, myiq. I agree totally, especially since I make less than 50k a year and only manage to bring home 67% of that. Not being married kills me, but no one is interested in a tax break only marriage .

  9. Aaron says:

    It is very good that people can come together like this, especially if they disagree on other issues, because it reminds everyone that we are not so apart, that compromise is possible, etc.

  10. luky says:

    obama’s aunt found destitute in a housing project! we must elect him, so the government can help her!

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