My Voting Strategy – Just Say No To Derangement

A Rabid Obama Supporter

A Rabid Obama Supporter

Riverdaughter asked us to all to come up with a single word to describe why we are voting the way we are on Tuesday.  That’s really a tough assignment because there are lots of words to choose from.  I considered “principles,” “honesty,” “integrity,” “ethics,” “experience” and “shame” because those are all things Barack Obama lacks.

I thought about using “liar,” “fake,” “phony,” or “unscrupulous” because those are all things that Obama is.  I was going to use “hubris” because that is Obama’s favorite sin, but then I saw this and realized that my word had to be “derangement.”

Obama’s strategy in the primary campaign against Hillary was to take advantage of and fan the flames of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.  Unhinged misogyny was the major component of CDS, but it went beyond that into other areas as well.  From the obsession with Hillary’s voice, ankles and cleavage to her alleged tears (or lack thereof) the media and Obama supporters became the He Man Woman Haters Club.

But they also bought into and pimped every noxious rumor and allegation that came along.  Racism, Tuzla, kneecapping and RFK were only the more prominent fables being spread by Obamanation.  They also recycled old right-wing memes from the nineties.  Even worse, they launched unhinged attacks on Hillary’s supporters too.

But the derangement didn’t end with Hillary’s candidacy, it metastisized and mutated into Palin Derangement Syndrome.  While there are reasons to oppose Sarah Palin, the attacks on her have been truly bizarre.  Sadly, many of these attacks have come from alleged feminists.

Now some people might say that it is unfair to blame Obama for what his supporters say and do.  I disagree.  First of all, Obama has never done more than tepidly denounce the attacks on Hillary and Sarah.  Secondly, while publically pretending to oppose or be unaware of the attacks, the Obama campaign has pushed them in the media and through the blogosphere.  Lastly, even if Obama were wholly innocent his supporters scare the bejeezus out of me.

It’s not enough to say I cannot support Obama, I believe he must be defeated.  I cannot in good faith advocate the defeat of Obama and then expect someone else to do the dirty work.  Voting for a third-party or NOT (nothing on top) voting would be a cop-out.  When I was young and dumb and full of shit I voted for Ronald Reagan, but for over two decades I have been a yellow-dog Democrat.  I thought I would never vote for a Republican again.

This year I will just say no to derangement and cast my vote for McCain/Palin.


4 Responses to My Voting Strategy – Just Say No To Derangement

  1. Laney says:

    Terrific post MYIQ. I have always voted straight Dem ticket, never thought I would entertain voting for a Repub. But, you are so right, no cop-outs this time. I voted for McCain, and ya know what, did not hurt a bit. I’m actually feeling pretty good about it. You hit it right on the head, Obama MUST be defeated…

  2. native1 says:

    This is exactly how I feel. I wanted to make this very same post. Good job.

  3. mary pomponi says:

    i lurk on the confluence, and cannot figure out how to leave a comment there. what finally made me decide to vote mccain palin was the picture in the ad he ran in PA. it shows mccain and hillary sitting together laughing. their body language says it all, they are turned toward each other, comfortable in each other’s company. and the thought occurred to me, “why isnt there a picture like that of obama and hillary?”. we all know why. obama couldnt get within 2 feet of hillary without shrivelling from her intensity rays. i think both obama and mccain hate women, but obama hates hillary, and i dont think mccain does. and what can any democrat say about the fact that the republicans put a woman on the presidential ticket in this election, when the strongest woman candidate in the country was screwed off the democratic ticket.

  4. stxabuela says:

    I was actually going to vote Green Party–after all, I live in a red state and I am diametrically opposed to McCain’s health care proposals. I agree with the 30% solution, so I had already planned to vote for women whenever possible. I thought voting for two women of color would be a good way to both protest vote and be supportive of female candidates.

    Then I walked into the voting booth and looked at the names listed for President/Vice President. I realized this was only the second time in US history that a woman has had a ghost of a chance to gain access to the Executive Branch. I thought about all the misogyny both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin faced this year. I thought about all the sexism and misogyny I have faced throughout my life. I thought about my daughters, who are still fighting the same battle we should have won 30 years ago. In that moment, I decided to cast my vote–for Vice President Sarah Palin. I don’t agree with her positions on the issues, but I’ve held my nose and voted for more than a few Democrats, simply because of that D behind the name. I voted for Palin because she is the only woman who has a chance to break “the highest, hardest glass ceiling.”

    As you can see from this comment, I never use one word when 100 will do as well–lol. I thought about the one word I would use to describe my voting strategy. Feminism? Equality? I finally settled on this word–SOLIDARITY. The Obama campaign taught me how to be an identity voter, and I stand in solidarity with the 30% solution.

    By the way, myiq, Obama cultists scare the bejeezus out of me, too.

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