I’d like to congratulate Barack Obama

Where's my fucking pony   

I really would like to, but I would be completely insincere and dishonest if I did.  There can only be one winner in every race, and this time the media and the corporatists that pay their huge salaries picked Obama.  I am not happy about it, nor will I forget nor forgive the things he did to “win.”  I sincerely and honestly believe he will be a bad leader in a time of crisis.

But starting next January Barack Obama will be the only president we have, so I hope to Koresh I am wrong, and I will take no pleasure in being right.  (Well, maybe a little pleasure, but only when I get to scream “I TOLD YOU SO!” in the faces of disillusioned sippy-kup kidz)  If the Obama administration turns out to be a liberal wet-dream, I will happily kiss the unity pony’s ass on the White House lawn.  But I ain’t buying any chapstick just yet.

There were a few positive developments that came out of the campaign, and I intend to work on those.  One encouraging thing was we were able to reach out to rank & file Republicans and engage with them in civil discourse.  In fact, they treated PUMAs far nicer than our alleged fellow lefties did.  I’m still a flaming liberal, but never again will I fall into the partisan trap.

This petulant clown won’t be drinking the Kool-aid, not even to experiment.  I’ll keep being rude, obnoxious and occasionally inappropriate.  As far as I’m concerned there won’t be any honeymoons or benefit of the doubt.  And since it’s obvious that neither the media nor the big blogger boyz will be doing it, I’ll keep telling people that the clothes have no emperor.  If that bothers people, too bad, but I don’t do this to be popular.



11 Responses to I’d like to congratulate Barack Obama

  1. johninca says:

    I want a black president. We should have a black president. I can understand why AAs are happy about having a black president.

    Notwithstanding which, I can’t rejoice about Obama’s election until he changes his policies, which will be disastrous for African Americans.

  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for coming over johninca.

    myiq – for a minute I thought I was gonna have to wipe that powder off of your face!


  3. getfitnow says:

    This country needs a leader, not a symbol. I’m afraid that Obama is the latter.

  4. johninca says:

    In response to Carol’s kind words let me add something I almost put in the first comment.

    The post on this topic by RD hit me like a punch in the gut. It hurt a lot, not because she intended to hurt anyone but because I was very fond of her and esteemed her so much. I still do.

    However, when something is wrong, it’s wrong– and the way Obama was nominated and elected was wrong. That was why I appreciated Carol’s consistency and no-bull attitude at the Confluence.

  5. Marial says:

    I won’t be riding the unity pony either.
    I will never forgive Hussein for what he did, ever.
    From now on one of my goals will be to elect more women to government. If Sarah runs in 2012 I will vote for her.
    Evry time Sarah was insulted it was like reliving the primaries with Hillary again.

  6. Laney says:

    MYIQ said:
    This petulant clown won’t be drinking the Kool-aid, not even to experiment. I’ll keep being rude, obnoxious and occasionally inappropriate.

    MYIQ, we wouldn’t want it any other way…

  7. Laney says:

    Also, thank you for the non congrats to the fraud… After the past 9 months of this scam artist, there is absolutely no reason to be wishing the ONE anything nice.
    When they had AA thugs stationed in front of voting places, intimidating voters, sorry, I cannot celebrate the AA’s and there new status. This is not what MLK had in mind…

  8. Carol says:

    johninca – do you mean my mantra:

    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008 ???


  9. johninca says:

    Actually, Carol, I liked your defense of Palin as well as the fact that you wouldn’t take no bull even from HRC, which was brave on the Confluence.

  10. native1 says:

    I find this “unity pony” talk rather funny. I grew up on a farm. I actually had shetland ponies. They are some of the most devious, mean, back biting(literally) animal abominations put on this earth. I personally hope every obomabot gets one as a pet. Heck if I still had one they could have it.

  11. Carol says:

    Thanks johninca.

    Huckabee just said the media will turn on BO on Feb. 1. Let us pray. Then we can post the coronation videos along side the slice and dice him up ones.

    Meanwhile, Sarah’s approval numbers will climb into the 90’s as she works hard to make the energy programs she is involved in come to fruition. She has a surplus of billions in her state as the rest of the country is biting the dust.


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