Occam’s Razor cuts like a knife


E. Nelson at OpEdNews suspects election fraud by the GOP:

Evidence of Republican Election Fraud in the Al Franken, Norm Coleman Senate Race?


Could cyber-attacks and manipulation of transmitted vote tallies still have occurred in Minnesota – like what was described during Mike Connell’s testimony the day before – altering vote tallies in the Presidential and Senate elections as they were tabulated throughout the early morning hours of November 5th? Of course the Presidential election turned out to be a landslide and so attempts at fraud would have been overwhelmed by the lopsided victory for Barack Obama. However, the Senate race between Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and Democratic challenger Al Franken was always expected to be very close.


An Associated Press story over the weekend discovered there were as many as 25,000 “undervotes” where voters picked a President but apparently did not vote in the Senate race and many of these “undervotes” occurred in heavily democratic voting precincts. While some of these “undervotes” are expected to occur, especially in a bitter mud-slinging contest such as the Franken – Coleman race, it is also possible that many other ballots might have been incorrectly marked or were misread by the optical scanning machines.

From the AP story cited above:

The ballots that showed a presidential vote but no Senate vote are called the “undervote.” Statewide, more than 18,000 of those ballots came from counties won by Obama. About 6,100 were in counties won by Republican John McCain.

Occam’s razor is a principle that says that the explanation of any phenomenon should make as few assumptions as possible.  Another way to put it is that the simplest answer is most likely the correct one.  What is the simplest answer for undervotes in Minnesota?

The simplest answer is that 25,000 voters did not cast votes in the Minnesota Senate race.  Does that sound implausible?  The primary results in Texas showed that Obama supporters were less likely to vote in downticket races than Hillary supporters.  Add to that the fact that Obama campaigned for Obama, not for the Democratic party.

The Unity Pony taketh, and the Unity Pony keepeth.

Where Kool-aid comes from

Where Kool-aid comes from


3 Responses to Occam’s Razor cuts like a knife

  1. scrubs57 says:

    Loved this. I had to learn a lot about Occam’s Razor in my medical training and I like the way you use it here, myiq (Mike).

    Where Koolaid comes from is bloody priceless!

  2. Woman Voter says:

    I wondered where to put this and chose this since it has a bit of satire. The joke about your therapist on the late night thread was not funny, and since you do write some interesting things I thought I would tell you why. First, it was a little NOT good, since many therapists are threatened and also, the satire was a little too explicit/graphic. If I didn’t know (over some weeks now) that you are a satire ham up…ala ‘Tacos of Cesos/brains’ I would be alarmed. So, there…my complaint has been registered and hopefully it won’t garner too much upset from you.

    Thank you and you may delete this once you read it, and hopefully the joke too.

  3. permad says:

    The undervote has me steamed also. Now they are trying to interpret votes that were not able to be interpretted at the time of the election. I am Minnesotan. The election judge makes the voter wait while their ballot is scanned to make sure it scans as readable. If the ballot does not scan correctly, the bad ballot is retrieved and voter is given the opportunity to correct their ballot or have that one destroyed and fill out a new ballot. If a voter leaves, they leave knowing that their ballot was valid or not. Any vote that does not scan correctly would have been left that way by the voter with their full knowledge their vote does not count. There is no way that any unreadable ballot should now be subject to interpretation. Any ballot not valid on election day should not now be valid.

    I spent the last two days’ worth of breaks digging through my cubicle at work to make sure there were no Franken ballots hidden in there.

    And I really appreciate knowing where kool-aid comes from. I had been wondering about that……..

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