Obama the money machine


Remember how they said we should vote for obama cuz he would raise lots of money for the entire Democratic Party?  From LAT:

Transition Alert: Obama’s change agenda on-hold until you pay DNC’s debts.

The Ticket reported, jokingly, the other day about the latest Barack Obama fundraising appeal.

He’s the fellow who raised way more than $605 million and, would you believe it, won the presidential election campaign to bring real change to Washington.

As an important part of changing the money culture of Washington he was asking for another $30 donation from everyone on the e-mail list.

It seems that in addition to his 6/10ths of a billion dollars to move into the White House, the Democratic National Committee spent way more than the $100 million in cash it had raised.

In fact, it took out “substantial loans.”

(h/t Joseph Cannon)


One Response to Obama the money machine

  1. Carol says:

    Maybe the DNC can bill MSNBC for the favor?


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