Better Never Than Late

Just say NO! to Kool-aid

Just say NO! to Kool-aid

Most Conflucians are refugees from other blogs.  Whether we were chased out or thrown out, we didn’t start our blogging experience in the House Riverdaughter Built.  In my Evil Clowns Open Thread I asked people what favorite blogs they had to stop visiting this year, and the responses show that while we are a diverse bunch we have travelled a lot of the same ground because almost all of us started out in the lefty blogosphere.  The first blogs I ever visited were recommended by Molly Ivins in one of her columns.

In looking over the names of the sites that were our original homes in Left Blogistan I noticed that they fall into three basic groups:

1.  Blogs that openly supported Obama (or were HillaryHaters) early in the process (before John Edwards dropped out in January 2008)

2.  Blogs that were (or pretended to be) neutral until Obama “won” the nomination

3.  Blogs that supported Hillary (or permitted pro-Hillary and/or anti-Obama comments) until Obama was chosen as the nominee by the DNC-Pelosi-Reid cabal and then became rabidly fanatic supporters of The Lightbringer

Cheetoville and Balloon Juice are examples of of the first group.  Long before the (not-so) Great Orange Satan joined the Kool-aid Kingdom it was a sewer of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, and John Cole’s journey from Freeper, West Virgina to Obamanation always included a Sullivanesque case of CDS. (Disclosure:  I am a former BJuicer) 

The second group includes sites like Crooks & Liars and Hullaballoo.  But their neutrality was often  nothing more than a reluctance to make a public endorsement of Obama. (Despite it’s alleged “neutrality” C&L revealed it’s true colors when it went postal over the ABC debate (where they dared to question Obama about Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers) and then completely ignored the media’s JFK fauxrage.)  

Taylor Marsh and TalkLeft are prime examples of the third group.  Both Taylor and Jeralyn at TL promised to support whoever won the Democratic nomination, but many of us were shocked at they way they dove headlong into the Kool-aid vat and emerged with fully metastisized cases of Palin Derangement Syndrome.

PUMA is the coalition of blogs that remained steadfast in opposition to Barack Obama even after he stole the nomination.  There were a few odd-ball blogs and bloggers that didn’t join PUMA but never drank the Kool-aid either.  By “odd-ball” I don’t mean to imply anything negative, I just mean that they don’t fit in any other category.

This wasn’t my first Presidential election, the first one I remember was Johnson vs. Goldwater in 1964,  and I’ve been watching closely and/or participating in every one since 1972.  Nor am I unique in that regard, many PUMAs have seen more elections than I have (but they don’t show it, we all look much younger than the age on our driver’s licenses.)  I also majored in history in college and I can’t recall any Presidential primary election where the supporters of the eventual nominee remained angry and hostile towards the other candidate’s supporters.

Losing candidates and their supporters have remained angry and formed third-parties for the general election on several occasions, but the winning side didn’t drive them out the way Obamanation did to Hillary’s supporters.  The old threads at The Confluence don’t show it thanks to the hard work and quick trigger fingers of our site monitors, but many Conflucians remember well the angry and hate-filled comments of the numerous Obamnational trolls that pursued us from our old haunts.  For a taste of what we saw on a daily basis, just check out the deranged rants that still fill Kitty’s Litter Box (BIOHAZARD WARNING: The stench is nauseating.)

Now if you’re thinking that the anger and hatred directed at us by Obamanation is due to our adamant refusal to slurp the toxic faux-juice, then you should take a look at this inter-blog feces fling:

What I can not understand is the ridiculous Cult of Obama who believes that not a negative or questioning word should be said about Obama ever. Oh sure, they’ll say “wait till he is President.” But then they’ll say “wait till he finishes his first year.” And after that, “wait for the mid terms.” And then “wait until after reelection.” In short, members of a cult can never have the leader of the cult criticized. That is how the Republicans have done it, and no one is as zealous as a convert.

That was Big Tent Democrat referring to this from John Cole:

Speaking for me only, it has not even been a week since he won the office, he has appointed approximately two people to his staff (Emanuel and Gibbs), has just barely gotten off the ground, and has made no cabinet appointments. We are months away from him being sworn in. He has not even settled on a school for his kids, and the left-wing circular firing squad is already in “Ready! Fire! Aim” mode.

Just please shut the fuck up until he actually does something you disagree with, you WATB. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have been any better. We are at the end of an eight year nightmare and you loudmouth morons are cutting off Obama at the knees before he even sets foot in the damned White House as President. Wankers.

There is lots more, including several more recent posts, each with unhinged diatribes in the comments, but it’s not for those with weak stomachs.  It should be noted that Mr. Cole was a rabid conservative supporter of George W. Bush and the war in Iraq, although he has now scrubbed his archives of some of his more egregious posts made in support of that “eight year nightmare.”  He has been consistent though, regardless of what flavor of Kool-aid he drinks, he goes ballistic whenever his chosen leader is criticized.

Now some of you might be wondering “Why is the Petulant Clown bringing the stench of Obama troll into the genteel refuge of The Confluence?”  I have two reasons.  First of all, we can’t forget what we are up against.  The words of John Cole are an example of the undiluted ideology and mindset of Obamanation.  Cole and his blog regulars are some of Obama’s earliest and most fanatic supporters, his Sturmabteilung.  Their words and actions belie the beneficent image cultivated by their leader.

 Secondly, the attacks on Big Tent Democrat clearly demonstrate that there will be no truce, no peaceful coexistence with Obamanation.  Even conversion and immersion in Kool-aid would not satisfy or abate the fury of the Cheeto-eaters.  Despite their avid support for Obama (and deranged hatred of Sarah Palin) in the general election, Taylor Marsh, Jeralyn and BTD are treated with hatred and contempt because of their former opposition to Teh Precious.

They will never tolerate any criticism of Teleprompter Jesus, or permit any “loyal opposition.”  We may as well remain rebels because we will always be treated like traitors.


15 Responses to Better Never Than Late

  1. pdgrey says:

    I am a refugee from Taylor Marsh, Digby, and Crooks and Liars. I started with The Great Orange Satan in 2000 after my vote was stolen in Fl. It didn’t take long to move on. The constant sexist commenters made that easy enough. I found Riverdaughter when she started posting at Taylor Marsh. I consider myself in great company now.

  2. kenoshaMarge says:

    Since I have no intention of ever falling under the spell of any “politician” there is no danger I will fall under the spell of Obamas dubious charms.

    The opinions of the likes of John Cole are not even on my radar. My opinion of his ilk puts me squarely in the camp of the loyal opposition. This fool has a seriously inflated opinion of himself and his opinions. Makes his hero worship of first Bush and the Obama understandable.

  3. justus949 says:

    bartcop, a member of the 3rd category, has been a deep disappointment to me. His viewpoint, wit and guts were so comforting over the years and he was the one who slowly and steadily convinced me to look more closely at Hillary’s record. So when he embraced Obama and then went into full Palin Derangement mode at the same time that Taylor Marsh left the real world, I left them too and never looked back.

  4. myiq2xu says:

    I gave up on Bartcop a week after Hillary suspended her campaign.

    I guess I didn’t miss anything.

  5. myiq2xu says:


    My point is that we are dealing with haters.

  6. jjsmoof says:

    Bartcop is the biggest dissapointment. Thank god I found NQ, Confluence and Klownhaus!!!

  7. bluemorning says:

    “They will never tolerate any criticism of Teleprompter Jesus, or permit any “loyal opposition.” We may as well remain rebels because we will always be treated like traitors.”

    Right On, Brother! ( channeling my youth)
    Resistance is not futile!
    We appear to be the only sane ones who could not be hypnotized.

  8. justus949 says:

    yes, thank god for the confluence, klownhaus & NQ! And yes, we are dealing with irrational haters. I read recently that the APA or AMA have or are in the process of creating a diagnostic code for hatred or violence/anger but can’t locate it.

  9. Heather says:

    I left a lengthy comment on your Confluence post and it never showed. I outlined which ones I stopped going to and why. Was my comment lost (five hours ago and it never made it up), trapped in moderation or deleted for some other reason.
    I can’t imagine it had to do with what I wrote which was praise for you and the few good blogs left.

  10. myiq2xu says:


    I didn’t delete anything and there is nothing in the moderation queue.

    Sometimes the WordPress gods demand sacrifice.

  11. kenoshaMarge says:

    Okay I will talk about my journey too then. First I fled Buzzflash. Their hatred for Senator Clinton was so transparent while all the while they claimed to be “neutral”. The Donna Brazille of websites.

    I then went to TalkLeft. After Obama was selected JM lost what little mind she had. She also managed to flippity-flop over the Biden selection as VP. Not someone with very deep principals it seemed to me. Any “D” would do. Then came her rabid hatred of Sarah Palin. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it. Never has so much rage been expended for so little cause. A Republican woman running for VP, how dare she?

    Taylor Marsh, I left that sire too. She got on board the bandwagon and drove her most loyal readers away.

    Found the Confluence and InsightAnalytical. Neither drank the Kool Aid and IA offered me a chance to have my “voice” heard.

    The haters will always be with us no matter where we go. They follow like nasty little cockroaches because having people to agree with does not allow them to express their rage and their hate. Against what? Their own inadequacies would be my guess.

    I really don’t know, because I don’t “hate” any of them. They aren’t worth that much effort. I do find them repulsive if that counts.

  12. gmanedit says:

    I’m saddened and stunned by how many people I used to respect have lost their minds.

    Bartcop and BuzzFlash helped get me through the 2000 election. Whatever happened to Digby? (I stop by occasionally, looking for when doubt starts to creep in.) I stopped going to Eschaton the day Atrios came back from casting his primary vote for Obama. When eriposte stopped posting, it was good-bye, Left Coaster. Good-bye, Talking Points Memo. Good-bye, Carpetbagger Report. Good-bye, Seeing the Forest. Good-bye, Talk Left. No more No More Mister Nice Blog. So many gone.

    On the other hand, there are all those wonderful new blogs: Cinie’s World (, Miles to Go… (, An Election Diary (; she comes and goes, but everything she writes is worth reading; strong emphasis on class; I don’t know if she’ll continue the blog), Not Your Sweetie ( . . . so many more. The DailyPUMA is a good source.

    And, of course, No Quarter (with a few grains of salt), Cannonfire, HillBuzz (who seemed to declare a truce after the election but are not sticking to it), Liberal Rapture, and the invaluable Real Barack Obama. I’m still going to Corrente, for lambert (sorry, myiq), vastleft, and gqmartinez.

    For me, it comes down to: If I didn’t trust “that one” before, why should I trust him now? Read a good summary at “What Barack Obama represents to me.” As I said of George Bush in 2000, “He didn’t steal the election to do right by the working man.” Why should I feel otherwise now? When people say, “He’s our president — we want him to succeed,” I wonder, “What does he want to succeed at?” Him and that gang of crooks behind him.

    I’m not interested in blogs for the community/social experience. I hated the Eschaton threads (“Frist!”). I want links to important stories and insightful analysis and speculation about what’s behind the scrim. And, much as it pains me to say this, some of the flirting in the Confluence threads is embarrassing. “Our pantsuit wife”? Gag me with a spoon. Kids these days.

  13. thenotionthatsomehow says:

    Sore winners…The Bushies were too, I think, but this is a whole new disease…

    I have no doubt our country has gone through some kind of psychotic episode which very few were able to recognize as such. The one positive thing that came of all this for me is that I’ve discovered where the sane people now hang out (or were driven to – “bad sane people!”) Apparently, almost everyone I know experienced a completely different election than I did, so I’m grateful for sites like this, and most of the PUMA movement to remind me that intelligent life still exists out there.

    I don’t think I would feel much differently if another bizarre alternate reality had somehow turned my own candidate into some super fantastic Teflon messiah. If the propaganda had miraculously worked in my favor I think I would still be suspicious, and would seek out better information sources. My biggest disappointment is realizing that the people I thought I knew believe this was a fair and un-manipulated election, and noticed no extraordinary shift in the power structures that seek to control their very perception of reality.

    When it comes down to it most people just have no sales resistance.

  14. Heather says:

    “Sometimes the WordPress gods demand sacrifice.” 😀
    Sorry it didn’t go through on my end. I was praising you, Cannonfire, Third Estate and providing links to where you all made various points months ago that turned out exactly right.
    I don’t have time to do it again, so I’ll just say thank you.

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