Where are we?

You betcha!

You betcha!

Now that the election is over I thought I would scout out some of my old stomping grounds to see if it was safe for the Kool-aid free to roam Left Blogistan again.  I popped into The Smirking Chimp and was delighted to discover I still have an account there.

Then I saw this in an article by Cenk Uygur (don’t ask me to pronounce it) titled “The Center-Right Myth” and I realized we have a lot of work left to do:

What is it going to take to get through the dunderheads in DC — this is not a center-right country! In the last two elections the Democrats picked up over fifty seats in the House. They also took commanding control of the Senate and have now taken the White House. How much clearer did the American people have to be?

Do you see the logical fallacy in that passage?  I’ll give you a hint:

A) All fish live in water.

B) Dolphins live in water.

C) Dolphins are fish.

Here’s what Chris Cilliza had to say today:

But look more closely, and you see a heavy influx of moderate to conservative members in the incoming freshman Democratic class, particularly in the House.

Democratic gains in the last two elections are more of a referendum on George W. Bush than a triumph of liberal/progressive ideology.  Hillary has always been considered a moderate and Obama ran to her right in the primaries and then ran farther right in the general election.  So far he has given no indication that he will govern any farther left than the center.  Things aren’t looking good for my personal liberal wish list (UHC, LGBT rights, end the war, stop global warming, campaign finance reform, sentencing reform) and I’m even worried about losing some stuff we already have. 

Now I tend to agree with Cenk Uygur that the nation isn’t center-right, but he frames his argument illogically and in partisan terms.  While the GOP is conservative, the Democratic party IS NOT LIBERAL OR PROGRESSIVE.  The leaders of the Democratic party are infected with High Broderism and are corrupt.  They follow what Arthur Silber calls “Digby’s Credo“:

“We’re 2% less shitty than Pure Evil! It’s all we’ve got!”

Riverdaughter gave us a homework assignment:

So, how do we get the unParty to go mainstream?  That’s where the book comes in.  I’m proposing a book club to discuss the concepts presented in The Tipping Point.  As you read it, ask yourself whether you are a connector, maven or salesman.  Think about what it is about PUMA that makes it “sticky”.  Think about structure, organization and size.  Think about the coolness factor.

I’m gonna add something to that:

Think about the message, about what we should stand for.  People are hungry for a new vision of the future, so let’s give them what they want.  Principles before party.


One Response to Where are we?

  1. bluemorning says:

    I still think that the PUMA blogs must remain the “voice in the wilderness”
    and expose the news that the MSM won’t. Just like the blogs (we used to frequent) grew after the Bush election- now it’s the turn of the pumasphere.
    Along the way I hope we will promote women and defend against misogyny- because that’s my first priority.
    The fair and transparent elections theme is difficult- some has to be inner party efforts and some has to be citizen protests.
    I feel the message so far has been- We see what’s going on and we refuse to be silenced.

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