I clicked on a link to Business Opportunities weblog and got the following information:

My blog is worth $17,500.74.
How much is your blog worth?

Interested buyers leave your Visa/Mastercard number in the comments.

BTW – Per Gender Analyzer:

We guess https://myiq2xu.wordpress.com/ is written by a man (54%), however it’s quite gender neutral.


3 Responses to Weeeeee!

  1. Cinie says:

    Gee, thanks, myiq, thanks to you, I just found out my blog is worthless and I’m a man.

  2. empty says:

    And then there was this:

    We think http://anglachelg.blogspot.com is written by a man (78%).

  3. Carol says:

    Could you sell it and donate to the DNC? I hear they still need cash!


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