How Can They Hate Her If She Goes Away?

Why David Shuster hates turkeys

Why David Shuster hates turkeys

Palin Derangement Syndrome has gone from being vile and disgusting to inane and puerile in less than three weeks.  It also appears in some unusual places.  But yesterday we saw proof that both Sarah Palin and PDS will be around for long time.  Take misogyny, elitism and hypocrisy, wrap them up in stupidity and you have “The Great Turkey Massacre.”

Misogyny is the mother’s milk of Obamanation, and they refuse to be weaned from the teat.  This past week was an encore performance of the He Man Woman Haters Club, as they unleashed their hatred of both Senator Clinton and Governor Palin.  The easy way to spot a misogynist is when they proclaim some variation of “I don’t have anything against women, just that woman.”  That statement is often followed with “And that one.”

Governor Sarah Palin is an intelligent and savvy politician.  True, she isn’t Albert Einstein, but then who is?  She made it to the governor’s office in Alaska on her own merits, not because of her father or husband.  Those who claim she is not intelligent depend on a caricature of her that is based on edited interviews and false rumors.

So I was quite surprised to see these phrases and statements about Governor Palin posted at Shakesville of all places:

“chattering on and on”

“Bloody Barbie”

“it’s so cluelessly pathetic”.

“There are no words for the distaste that I have for that woman. And I know it is currently a moot point, but it still really gets my blood boiling when I think that THAT woman could have been the VP…I know, I know…let it go, but jesus mary and joseph it makes me madder than hell.”

“she actually thinks she is still relevant. Just give it up”

“After the interview was over, both Palin and the turkeys were presented with pairs of plates containing different numbers of food items. While the turkeys always selected the highest number, indicating rudimentary ability to assess quantity, the former candidate for VP did no better than chance.”

“chattering away”

“fundamentally ignorant”

“True, but she’s not intelligent, except that she has a good grasp of demagoguery.”

I’m not picking on Shakesville (well, maybe a little) but the fact that those comments were posted at a feminist blog demonstrates how pervasive PDS is in the lefty blogosphere.  The commentary elsewhere was completely unhinged.  At most of the other “progressive” blogs that covered the story there were comments with variations of the idea of Sarah Palin being butchered.  (“Please oh please, allow the guy with the ax, mistake her for a turkey.  now thats blood porn we can get behind.”)

PDS isn’t just for misogynists anymore.  There is a big elitist component involved too.  Most of the initial stories and comments about the video of Governor Palin at the turkey farm used words like “gross,” “disgusting,” “execution,” “gruesome,” “grisly” and “gory.”  Most of the articles defending Governor Palin (including my own) were an amused reaction to the hysteria of the Palin-bashing.

I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I was raised in farm country.  Many of the kids I grew up with were members of 4-H and FFA, and they proudly raised animals to be displayed at the county fair every summer.  Those animals were lovingly cared for, but they weren’t pets.  After the fair, those animals ended up on the dinner table.  Those of us who were raised in rural areas are used to seeing where our food comes from.

The people who raise and process our food tend to be members of the lower economic classes.  They work long hours at low pay on farms and in processing plants.  Many of them are immigrants, with or without documentation.  The idea that the work they do is too disgusting to be viewed by “average people is elitist.  So the idea that it was somehow “tone deaf” for Governor Palin to do an interview while in the background turkeys are being prepared for someone’s Thanksgiving dinner is also elitist.  We see far more graphic scenes on programs like CSI on a daily basis, and nobody freaks out.

Yesterday’s PDS wankfest was also hypocritical, and not just because most of the people participating eat meat.  How many times since the election have we heard the Palin bashers complain that she refuses to disappear from sight?  Like this comment:

I mean, this video is all over MSNBC and the web today. Palin wants to stay in the public eye one way or another. And she’s succeeded yet another day.

Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska.  She was in Alaska doing what the President and the governors in most of the 57 states do this time of year, which is give a totally meaningless “pardon” to a turkey.  The event was covered by the local media, which typically give a story like this about 30-60 seconds of coverage near the end of the evening news.

Nobody twisted arms or held a gun to the heads of the news directors at MSNBC to make them run this story nationally. No one forced Huffington Post (or Shakesville) to frontpage the story.  If Sarah Palin can force her opponents to give her that much attention just by giving an interview at a local turkey farm then she is formidable indeed.

Here’s a final thought.  Did it ever occur to the PDS brigades that Sarah Palin knows exactly what she is doing?  Her constituency is not Left Blogistan, it is the voters of Alaska, many of whom are intimately familiar with scenes like the one in the video.  These attacks on her are likely to rally support for her, not diminish it.

Furthermore, if she has ambitions to run for the White House in 2012 or 2016, she needs to win the GOP nomination first.  Being hated by the “librul” media is better than having Ronnie Raygun rise from the grave to endorse her.  And assuming she doesn’t run against Hillary, the unhinged misogyny of Obamanation will help her win the votes of women.

Don’t let that funny accent and “you betcha” routine fool you.  She’s not Caribou Barbie, she’s Sarah-cuda. 



8 Responses to How Can They Hate Her If She Goes Away?

  1. Pat Johnson says:

    Women are their own worst enemies. The mindset that was rampant from our high school days lives on long after those years recede into memory. For misogyny to disappear it must start first and foremost with women themselves. As long as we are willing to disrespect ourselves we are in no position to demand it from others.

  2. georgiapeach says:

    I’ve gotta give you props for nailing this one. When I was growing up, the only way we had meat on the table was if we raised it and slaughtered it ourselves. If we don’t get this economy turned around, we may see days like that again. Do these idiots think the turkeys, chickens, cows, etc. commit suicide for their dining pleasure? That video did come in handy for me, though. Before the election, both of my brothers were worried sick about me because I was watching FOX News. I immediately forwarded this MSNBC “Breaking News” video featuring that self-important, pompous assed David Shuster urging people to get the children out of the room before the segment ran, along with the question “Is this what you want me to watch instead?”. No comment from either of them, so far.

  3. Palin represents everyone of the 150 million people who will be gathered around the dinner table gobbling turkey while they talk about “civil” and “fun” things they did that week. There is no difference between the two settings, other than Palin’s interview shows the reality that is neatly disguised at the dinner table with Turkey dressing.

    MSNBC’s point is that Palin should know better about what is behind her. Masquerading the killings by pointing the camera elsewhere would been a well crafted deception that MSNBC approves of.

  4. native1 says:

    During the run up to the election I was at work listening to the endless chatter about “that airhead bimbo”. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and interupted with this question:

    ” If you had to walk through a dark alley in a bad neighborhood in the dead of night and you could only take one person with you to watch your back would you take Obama, the Chicago thug, or Palin, the Sarahcuda?”

    This was an all male conversation by the way. To a man they picked Sarah. To their credit they toned down the bimbo talk to a large degree.

    Pat: I agree that women can be their own worst enemies. All the women where I work deem themselves to be avid “pro women” and yet they ACTIVELY ran down both Hillary and Sarah. When I tried to point out the illogic of this to them and just said that I could never understand because I was just a man. Unfortunately for them even though I am just a man I do understand.

    Got to run, I have turkeys to save and hams to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

    L8R peeps.

  5. Beverly Williams says: says:

    I have seen some of the dislike for Sarah Palin, in my small circle of woman. I don’t understand it. When I watched her speech, when she was named running mate for McCain, she was inspiring to me. And I agree about people’s outrage after seeing the Turkey pardon. Exactly how do they think that turkey met it’s demise. Died a natural death? Come on, I can’t stand hypocrites! She has done great things for Alaska, if she runs for President in the future I will be voting for her.

  6. wiggles says:

    Sarah Palin is as much of an animal lover as she is a feminist.

  7. Carol says:

    I love Sarah cuda. And, I miss Piper and Trig…………..

  8. votermom says:

    I used to love Shakesville and can’t go there anymore because of the self-righteous Palin-bashing.

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