The Two “Realities” of Obamanation


Ever since Obama flip-flopped and voted for the FISA amendment he claimed to oppose, he has repeatedly provided evidence that he is not a progressive, let alone a liberal.  The past few weeks have provided even more evidence that Obama intends to govern somewhere from the right of center as he has been announcing Cabinet and other appointments as well as signalling his intention to delay or break keeping campaign promises.

The reaction thus far among Obamanationals falls into two basic categories:

1.  We’re still getting a pony

2.  I always knew we weren’t getting a pony

The first category includes everyone who continues to believe that Obama is a progressive and will govern as such.  They range from the people who rationalize that Obama’s moves and statements are part of a devious plan to those who put their fingers in their ears and say “La la la I can’t hear you!” when presented with contrary facts.  This group is shrinking somewhat but will never quite disappear.  Many of them will hold out hope that their pony will be delivered during Obama’s second term and if (when) he fails to win reelection they will go to their graves convinced he would have finally delivered had he won.

The second category is increasing in size and they would be amusing if their dishonesty wasn’t so annoying.  I’m  not talking about bloggers like Vastleft at Corrente or Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft who were suspicious and critical of Obama but supported him in the end.  I’m talking about the bloggers who dove head first into the Kool-aid vat back in the primaries and never came out.

With a few rare exceptions, the only people claiming during the primaries that Obama wasn’t a progressive were Hillary Clinton supporters (GOPers claimed he was a socialist but nobody believed them.)  Hillary was vilified by Obamanation for being a DLC centrist and was even accused of being a Republican by no less than the head Cheeto himself.  We also heard how she planned to be John McCain’s running mate and how her supporters were just Republican ratfuckers.

So when these same people that viciously attacked Hillary as a centrist and/or praised Obama as a progressive now claim they knew all along that he was a center-right politician it begs the question:

Were they lying then or are they lying now?

There is a third category that has not yet made it’s appearance among Obamanationals:

3.  What the f**k was I thinking?



One Response to The Two “Realities” of Obamanation

  1. Hyperman says:

    And Hillary or McCain would have been better ? Obama is hiring Bill Clinton’s old staff, Hillary would have hired revolutionary leftist without experience ?

    Let’s judge the Obama presidency in 4 years.

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