If this is “too fat”

Miss England Laura Coleman

Miss England Laura Coleman

then dip me in chocolate:

MODEL agencies are turning down sexy Miss England Laura Coleman because she is too fat.

The blonde has gone up a dress size to a perfect 10.

But Laura, who will take part in Miss World in South Africa next month, has found most agencies have a problem with her new curves.

Laura, 22, said: “I really think the curvy girl should be promoted more as a positive image in the media. But the agencies seemed to have a problem with me when I wasn’t skinny any more.”

Seriously, when did “meth addict with giant fake boobs” become the standard of beauty, and why wasn’t I given a vote?

BTW – Before you bash me for testosterone poisoning, I used the picture showing the least skin.

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8 Responses to If this is “too fat”

  1. madamab says:

    Hee hee hee. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

    Personally, I feel like standing up for a reasonable standard of beauty, for women who don’t look like they’re starving to death, is a very progressive and feminist thing to do.


  2. Well, then you should be bashed for using the picture with the least skin.

  3. merciless says:

    Melissa McEwan has a long-running series on Shakesville called “Impossibly Beautiful.” She posts magazine covers where the models have been photoshopped to surreal proportions, articles about actresses and recording artists who’ve refused to have THEIR bodies photoshopped, or protested when it was done without their permission, and posts like yours above.

    Beyonce, Kate Winslet, you name ’em, none are good enough any more.

    On a related note, Sports Illustrated ran an article last year on steroids, and an anonymous source told the reporter that every male actor in Hollywood over 30 was on steroids. So it cuts both ways, even though the guys don’t get the press.

  4. madamab says:

    merciless – Beyonce and Kate Winslet aren’t good enough? Boy oh boy. I’m sure 98% of straight men would disagree with that opinion. Who is creating these standards?

    And male actors are on steroids? That seems like a huge story to me. I would like to know more about that.

  5. Carol says:

    I don’t know if they can dip you in chocolate after you have already been in the powered sugar!

    That is powered sugar on your face isn’t it??????????

    How ya been doing???????


  6. hannah says:

    he even applying to agencies?????????

    During the competition for Miss England, she was saying that she
    “hated the modeling industry” and she “would much rather be a beauty
    queen any day than a model” She used her bad experiences in the
    industry to win public votes. Once she won in she was quoted as saying
    she “Hopes her new title will help her have a successful modeling
    career” Shes a hypocrite. She completely slated the industry to win the
    title, so i’m not surprised agencies are turning her away. She gave the
    industry a bad name…and now shes trying to be a be a part of the
    industry. Like i said…HYPOCRITE.

    PLUS agencies are also saying they have turned her away because she does not have the right look. The press just like to focus on the fact they one agency said she was too large.

  7. hannah says:

    ** sorry… thats was “why is she even applying to agencies…” **

  8. myiq2xu says:


    She probably isn’t a virgin either.

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