Dwight Yoakum

Maybe I’ll break hearts too.


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  1. johninca says:

    In Defense of a Clown

    As children, we were entertained by a clown,
    A smile on our face he’d coax from a frown,
    But then we grew up, and became less enthused
    At his act, and he stood discarded and used.

    An artist once sang of the tears of a clown,
    How sad the expression and dreadful the noun,
    That he who amusement to others once gave
    For himself, and in private, his tears have to save.

    Show me a man, who when he was down
    Never once shed the tears of a clown,
    If such a man, forsooth, could be shown
    He’d seem unlike any I’d ever known.

    If a clown says his IQ is twice that of yours,
    Judge him not harshly, the poet implores,
    For perhaps he had only spoken in jest,
    And of nothing thought but entertaining the rest.

    If he says he’s twice as smart as us all,
    His interlocutor he’d still not appal,
    With bravado his reputation he earns,
    But then to his solitude he returns.

    So let a clown’s tears be wiped from his eyes,
    Let the sun set and a new dawn arise,
    When the clock strikes midnight, the old day is done,
    ‘Ere long, a new day will have begun.

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