Why Won’t The Stupid B**ch Quit?!

John Favreau and his drinking buddy

John Favreau and his drinking buddy without the cardboard Hillary cut-out

This post is dedicated to the newest HillaryHaters.  These are people that were allegedly Hillary supporters but now feel “betrayed” because Hillary as agreed to serve as Secretary of State in the upcoming administration of Barack “King of Misogyny” Obama.  Actually the first batch of NHH appeared back in June when Hillary suspended her campaign and endorsed Teh Precious, but the single biggest group of converts seems to have been motivated by the SoS announcement.

We saw some new converts yesterday when some people thought Hillary didn’t react strongly enough to the stupid, drunken antics of Obama’s top speechwriter.  They were (intentionally or not) dancing to a tune sung by professional HillaryHater Campbell Brown who said:

I’m sorry, but this is the same woman who, during the campaign, pointed to example after example of sexism directed at her saying that, quote, “It’s been deeply offensive to millions of women”?

On a daily basis for the last few weeks we see comments asking when Hillary will be “held accountable” for agreeing to work for Obama.  I’m sorry, but I have to ask:

 What The F**k

What do they want Hillary to do, cry and go home?

Yes, Hillary was cheated out of the Democratic nomination for President by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party leadership.  In doing so, Obama and his supporters in and outside of the media unleashed some really vile misogyny.  So what are Hillary’s options?

She could do what she is doing: accept the position of Secretary of State on her terms.  It’s not the job she deserved or wanted, but it is a position of tremendous importance, with more power and prestige than the position of junior Senator.  It is a promotion, placing her fifth in the line of succession.

She could choose to remain in the Senate, where her eight years of experience make her a virtual rookie, and where she will never attain enough seniority to claim an important committee chairmanship unless she hangs around another couple decades.  (She isn’t even the senior Senator from New York yet) 

Not to mention that in the Senate she will be junior to many of the Democratic leaders that stabbed her in the back and endorsed Obama, such as Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Robert Byrd, and Jay Rockefeller, as well as Majority Leader Harry Reid who demanded that the superdelegates declare their choices months before the convention.

Or she could quit.  Leave the Senate, leave the party even, and become a private citizen again.  Her influence minimal, her power nonexistant.  Tweety and the rest of the CDS media would be ecstatic, gleeful, and delirious with joy if she did.

Which brings us back to Campbell Brown and a question no one has asked.  Why in the name of Koresh would the ObamaLoving, HillaryHating media run a politically damaging story about one of Obama’s inner circle?

Could they be hoping to provoke an angry reaction from Hillary, hoping she would change her mind about the SoS position, or at least hoping to drive a wedge between her and Obama?

Never trust the media.  If they seem to be on your side, keep one hand on your wallet while you try to figure out what you missed.

One last point – If women are expected to quit every time they are insulted or mistreated, they are handing the He Man Woman Haters Club a powerful weapon.


2 Responses to Why Won’t The Stupid B**ch Quit?!

  1. Did he get her out of the senate so Caroline Kennedy could take her seat? How does THAT feel?

  2. edgeoforever says:

    I saw that weird comment at P.U.M.A blog ending with “even Campbell Brown agrees” and asked myself the same WTF question.
    To be clear, I am not happy at all with the SOS move, and I even have this sinking feeling that it was the price for my vote.
    That being said, her reply to the idiots was kick-ass and I dedicated an entry to the tool that Campbell is (she, BTW, never acknowledged sexism in the primaries, but she’s ready ti pick up the fight – against Hillary)

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