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A bunch of total strangers

A bunch of total strangers

Obamnesia:  When you forget you ever knew old friends, associates and spiritual mentors the instant they become embarrassing or inconvenient due to arrest or scandal.

If the Intertoobs look all spiffy and shiny the last few days it’s because Obamanation has been busily scrubbing traces of any connection between Obama and Blago, including news reports and even photographs.  That’s not exactly the behavior of someone with nothing to hide.  In criminal law the concealment and/or destruction of evidence is called “consciousness of guilt.”

Digbyrefers to BlagObamagate as a “trumped up scandal.”  I guess she thinks Patrick Fitzgerald just made it all up.  The complaint filed by Fitz mentions some pretty incriminating stuff, and I kinda doubt he’s lying.  Even if the evidence was illegally obtained and Blago got it all excluded from court it wouldn’t make him innocent or the charges bogus.

Is it just me or are the sippy-kup kidz from the kool-aid kingdom a little off their game since Tuesday?  Could it be a crisis of confidence?  Within hours of the governor’s arrest they rushed out to proclaim that “Obama said he had no contact with Blago since the election and Fitz exonerated him.”  First came a steady drip, drip, drip of contradictory information, including a video of Axelrod, news articles and photographs.  Then came stories linking Rahmbo and JJJ to the scandal.

Maybe they’re just lost because they can’t blame this on Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin.  They handled le affaire Favreau in classic Obamanation style, stonewalling while surrogates blamed Hillary, hoping to ride out the news cycles.  But that story was the kind single-event that could be stonewalled, especially with the frat-boy perp hidden from sight. 

The television and print media are fools for scandal but they need new developments to keep their interest,  and other than some stupid and offensive comments by Obama surrogates Gropegate didn’t have any.  But this latest Obamadrama has all the juicy elements of a good scandal except illicit sex.

Patrick Fitzgerald isn’t a partisan hack like Ken Starr and just a year ago he was the hero of Left Blogistan for successfully prosecuting Scooter Libby.  Blago makes a great villain with his big ego and hair helmet, and the corruption is easy to understand.  Rahmbo’s “no comment” stonewalling and JJJ’s cry and deny are great theater.  And with a criminal case pending the story won’t go away anytime soon.

The guy who isn’t getting much attention  is John Harris, Blago’s co-defendant.  From the news yesterday:

John Harris resigned this morning as Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s chief of staff, his lawyer said.

Harris dropped off his letter of resignation today in person and will not be going back to the office, according to his lawyer, Terry Ekl.

I don’t want to read between the lines but it would be irresponsible not to speculate on whether Harris made a deal with Fitz.  Harris knows where the bodies are buried and who buried them, and he’s the kind of little fish you let escape so you can catch the big fish.  If I was gonna roll over on my boss to stay out of jail I wouldn’t want to look him in the eye every day either.

The holidays are starting to look pretty good.  As Mawm said “All I got last Fitzmas was a Scooter.”  Maybe this year we’ll get a pony after all.



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