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Governor Blago tries to sell Barack Obama’s recently vacated Senate seat.  Obama’s soon-to-be chief of staff and two or three other associates of Obama are pseudonymously named in the complaint, but Obama supporters piously proclaim that Teh Precious is not the least bit involved, and assert that mentioning him in connection with Blago is a “trumped-up” scandal.

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol’s boyfriend Levi’s mother Sherry gets arrested for allegedly selling oxycontin, and that is considered “news” because it involves Sarah Palin.  There was a newsworthy story about Governor Palin yesterday, but it didn’t involve any drug busts:

Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t ask for a pay raise and won’t accept one during her current term, a spokesman said Wednesday.

A new state commission appointed by Palin recommends boosting the governor’s pay from $125,000 to $150,000. The State Officers Compensation Commission says the lieutenant governor, department heads and legislators need more money too.

But if the commission pushes ahead with a pay raise, Palin won’t accept the money, said spokesman Bill McAllister.

“Her view is, it’s just not appropriate to accept a pay raise in the middle of the term.”

Jeralyn at TalkLeft posted on one of the two stories.  Can you guess which one?

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