Is Dick Morris Psychic?


Or did he get a memo from the Obama campaign?

I was over at Cannonfire, clarifying something I said in my post about Sister Souljah, when I saw something I missed.  Joseph Cannon thought I was referring to a recent column by Dick Morris when I quoted him, but the comment was made back in January.  When I went back to my source for the quote (a post by Logan Murphy at Crooks & Liars) to check the date, I realized that Morris made the statement before the New Hampshire primary.

The reason this is important is that I left out part of the quote.  Here’s the entire quote:

“I think what she’s going to do is take a page from Bill’s playbook in 1992 when he was facing Jesse Jackson going into the New York primary. From out of nowhere, he seized on an episode with Sistah Souljah, who is a black rapper who apparently had dissed the National Anthem. And he attacked her, and the whole point was to use race as an issue against Jesse Jackson — which succeeded and he carried New York by a very large margin. And I think that what she’s going to do is she’s going to say, Obama’s unelectable, Americans won’t elect him, he can’t beat the Republican party, America’s not ready for Obama and what – he doesn’t have the experience to win. And what she’s going to mean is that they won’t vote for an African American, but she won’t say it. She’ll say everything but, but that’s what she means. And we’ll see if that works, I hope it doesn’t.” (emphasis in the original)

As Logan points out, Morris was predicting that Hillary would make a “dirty comeback” by using veiled racial comments in order to win.  He made that statement on the evening of January 5th, three days before the primary on January 8th, when Hillary won an unexpected victory.

Hillary’s victory triggered weeks of allegations that her campaign was making racial comments.  The Obama campaign also pushed the idea that she won New Hampshire due to the “Bradley Effect” and JJJ (Obama’s national campaign co-chair) criticized Hillary for not crying for the victims of Katrina. 

Just before the South Carolina primary an internal memo from the Obama campaign surfaced, showing that they were pushing the racism meme.  We know that the allegations in the memo were bogus, so it raises the question:

Was Morris’ “prediction” based on foreknowledge of Obama’s plans?

IOW – Did he get the memo?


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