Are Obama’s Tootsies Getting Warm Yet?

That tickles!

That tickles!

I googled “Obama hold feet fire” and I got 2,460,000 hits, but in real life I have yet to see any results.  Obama broke promises on campaign financing and the FISA revision, nominated a Cabinet filled with Republicans, Clintonites and even the evilest Clinton, and he picked a homobigot to give the invocation at his inauguration.  He studiously ignored any questions or criticism from the blogosphere and media each time, just as he has done with le affaire Favreau and Blagogate.

Since Obama has seemed impervious to heat throughout the campaign and transition, my question to Obama supporters is just exactly how do they intend to “hold his feet to the fire” once he is in office?

It’s too late to vote for someone else or donate to an alternative candidate, and 2012 is a long way away.  Do they think that once he takes the oath of office he will suddenly become concerned with the opinions of foul-mouthed bloggers?

I’m seriously asking Obama supporters what they plan to do.  Any polite and on-topic responses will be published.  Hell, if they have a strategy that sounds workable I’ll even help. 

But I’m telling you right now that any variation of “Let’s wait and see what he does first” is a non-starter.

2 Responses to Are Obama’s Tootsies Getting Warm Yet?

  1. Mike J. says:

    Well, for starters they can pretend whatever Obama is doing, whatever it might be, is what he has promised all along, and what they support. It’s easier than admitting you were played for a chump. This could conceivably go on for the next four years…

  2. soopermouse says:

    how the hell ar4e they supposed to hod Obama’s feet to the fire if hey fall into fits of adoration every 5 minutes over his magnificence?
    See: Shakesville. How in he holy name of fuck can people on one side complain that he’s a lying sack of crap , and on the other get the vapors because “amagad, there’s a picture of him in some magazine and he is so awesome”.

    And I thought Twilight fans were the stupidest.Alas, I was wrong

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