It’s Not About Hillary Anymore


I was having a discussion on the subject of closing Guantanamo Bay with everybody’s favorite visitor, Angry Happy Hopeful Vindicated Angry Again Black Guy:

Would Hillary have freed all Gitmo detainees?

I agree to holding him to a tough standard but let’s not kill him for doing things even Hillary would not do.


I think Hillary and Obama have pretty much the same stance on this issue. It’s not like she would have just set them free if she were president.

What Hillary would or would not do is irrelevant.  Hillary is not the President-elect who promised to close Gitmo within 100 days of taking office.  Hillary is not the Senator that promised to vote against the FISA revision then flip-flopped.  She is not the person who invited Rick Warren to give the invocation at her inauguation.  It’s not about Hillary, Bill, John, George nor Sarah.  It’s about Barack Obama.

Closing Gitmo is an issue of right or wrong.  Obama will either do the right thing or he won’t.  Obama and his supporters cannot use what others have done in the past or might have done had they be elected instead to justify or excuse his actions and/or inactions.  He will be the “decider.”

This goes beyond campaign promises.  For at least the next four years, Barack Obama will be the only President of the United States.  He will be responsible for setting policy, and for making sure that his policies are carried out.  He will be presented with bills that he will either veto or sign into law.   It’s not about Hillary anymore, so Obama and his supporters need to get over it. 

Starting next week, the buck stops with Barack Obama.


2 Responses to It’s Not About Hillary Anymore

  1. Cinie says:

    Logic is wasted on those who willingly swill poisoned KoolAid, myiq. It’s not like they were tricked.

  2. Sheltiemom says:

    Do you honestly believe that the buck will ever stop with Mr. Pass the Buck/Cheat Fraud Obama? My worry is that the Bots (Party and Media) will somehow manage to blame Hillary for every microscopic thing that does not go the way Obama has predicted/promised/lied about.

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