Obama Trolling – The Standard “Feminist” Script

A paid Obama blogger

A paid Obama blogger

The recent controversies over Jon Favreau, Rick Warren and Ms-ogyny magazine seem to have riled up the “feminist” Obama trolls.  I guess they think we are stupid, because they are still cutting and pasting from the same basic script they used all last year.

First there is the “full discosure” opening:

I voted for Obama, but I was and am quite inspired by the accomplishments of Hillary Clinton.

They like and admire Hillary.  She inspired them and they think she is an icon for all women everywhere.  But they didn’t vote for her.  Sometimes they explain:

I was a strong supporter of Hillary until _________.

Fill in the blank with the fauxrage du jour.   Next comes their purpose for coming here:

As a woman, I’m really trying to understand the point of view of this site.

I’m seriously curious.  Help me understand.

I preferred Obama. That’s my perogative.  But I do like to expore different opinions.

I’ve seen it so many times as soon as I see “Help me understand” I’m reaching for the trap-door switch.  Sometimes spontaneously but always when questioned or challenged they trot out their “feminist” credentials:

I’m a feminist.

I campaigned for __________ (Geraldine Ferrarro, the ERA, etc)

I support __________ (freedom of choice, equal pay)

I oppose ________ (domestic violence, sexual harassment) 

I ___________ (was a human shield for an abortion clinic)

They will recite a laundry list of  accomplishments that Elizabeth Cady Stanton would envy, trying to establish that they are “more feminist” than you and me.  If challenged or confronted they will respond with:

No need to be hostile!  I’m a working woman!

I’m a single mother.

As a woman am I not entitled to have my own opinion?

They are always working mothers, whether they are single or have been happily married for years.  They are always younger than us (which they point out with a subtle dig about how they admire “our” generation of feminists.)  For some strange reason they are never childless, man-hating lesbians or dried up, bitter old hags like us PUMAs.

These ardent feminists have difficulty seeing sexism or misogyny:

I also find it kinda of hard to believe Obama is a misogynist considering he’s married to Michelle.  No one can claim that she is anything but a strong and confident woman.  The sexist image just doesn’t fit.  I’ve never seen anything to indicate that he hates women.

Name one legitimate instance of Obama race – baiting or using sexism in the campaign. LEGITMATE examples.

Calling Obama a misogynist is as ridiculous as the rightwingers I’ve seen who call Clinton “Hitlery” or a communist.

No matter what you offer as an example, they will try to deny that it is sexist.  If they can’t deny it they will point out that Obama has no control over his supporters (because The Lightbringer always has plausible deniability clean hands.) 

They can, of course, see sexism and misogyny (as well as racism) in any criticism of Michelle Obama.  In fact, they can see racism in the words “fairy tale” or in an ad showing children sleeping at 3am. 

But they do take sexism VERY seriously:

Some of the stuff I’ve seen here (________ for instance) actually trivializes sexism and the real issues that do exist.

Show me any evidence whatsoever that Obama hates women.  Not nonsense like him saying “________” – that’s absolutely ridiculous and actually does a disservice to feminism.

Comparing  __________ to rape trivializes rape.

 If you call some drunken frat-boy groping a cardboard cut-out of Hillary a “simulated sexual assault” you are trivializing rape.  But it’s okay to use “lynching” to refer to any questioning or investigation of Teh Precious.

A few of their other snappy comebacks:

Do all women need to agree with you to be considered true feminists?

Must I vote for the female candidate to avoid your feminist wrath?

That’s not MY idea of feminism.

 Let’s be a little rational and realistic huh?

Yes ladies, let’s not be irrational and unrealistic.  Or hysterical.  Especially when you are periodically feeling down.

If you were wondering why a self-identified feminist who admires Hillary Clinton would choose to vote for an unaccomplished younger man, here are the standard answers:

She ran a negative campaign. That turned me off.

I like Obama’s platform better.   Especially on __________. (fill in one of Hillary’s policies that he copied)

Hillary did have slightly more experience than Obama, but he never denied that.  In fact he ran as the anti-experience candidate during the primaries.

So although she may have a bit more experience than Obama, that was not enough for me.  As Obama pointed out, Rumsfield, Cheney, and Bush all had experience too.

Some I’m sure find the change message trite, but others including myself did find it appealing. Not that I’m naive. Far from it as a matter of fact.

Clinton came with too much baggage.  (Samsonite?)

She was wrong on the Iraq vote and refused to take responsibility for that mistake. Obama was right from the start – all of the reasons he listed early on proved true.

The sniper fire comment was really stupid.

The RFK assassination comment was really stupid.

I don’t like legacies. She came across as thinking she was entitled to the nomination. We’ve had enough of the Bushes AND Clintons.
Hillary ran a bad campaign. 

Obama ran a better campaign.

Finally we see the standard closes:

He won fair and square.

It’s time to get over it.

And for an extra added bonus, we get some gratiutous misogyny thrown at the governor of Alaska:

Palin is a bimbo.

Palin is a nitwit.

Palin is an idiot who likes to play the victim. 

What do you have to recommend Palin other than her vagina?

You’re putting vaginas ahead of integrety and competence.

As for “bimbo” a woman who uses sexuality to cover up her inadequacies qualifies in my opinion.

Frankly I was disgusted when she did her cutsey little winks in a national vice presidential debate.

Now some of you might be thinking “Oh come on myiq, you’re just making up strawmen.  No one would really say those things!?  Wanna bet?

Check out the comments by “Neofeminist” in this thread at Tennessee Guerilla Women.  That’s where 90% of the comments you see above came from. 

However, before you conclude that “Neofeminist” is a traitor to the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit, you should be aware that according to the Whois IP tracer she is a neighbor of the infamous well-known Obama troll supporter Angry Black Guy.  In fact, they practically live together.

I sincerely doubt that “Neofeminist” is a woman.  That kind of stupid requires a penis.


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  1. fsteele says:

    It does sound kind of familiar, from other sites….

  2. Rangoon78 says:

    Trollspotting. Thanks for the sleuthing IQ

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