California Weather Today


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  1. Scruz says:

    i know, i know, that’s what the weather is like in my little part of california too. we do need the rain, but for now, i’ll complain that it was in the 40’s this a.m. when i got up. well, heck, the california budget is still in a shambles, so many of the legislators think a multibillion bailout will be coming our way from obama and if they don’t solve it soon, many say it will go to the voters to make the difficult decisions. a word to the wise out there, so go california politics and the economy, so goes the u.s. of a.

    wasn’t aretha splendid…ok, i had to watch some of it. i couldn’t turn my back on the queen of soul. she looked beautiful and in my opinion was the best part of the inaugeration. be well, everyone!

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