When Barry Met The Nutroots


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  1. edgeoforever says:

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  2. Rangoon78 says:

    Can you blame us fur becoming all verklempt about Obama?

    The following is snatched from various posts by Chris Floyd http://chris-floyd.com/

    Anything is possible, and perhaps Obama will astound us all with a new American revolution that will restore the Republic and dismantle the vast military empire America has built over many decades. Perhaps he will declare an end to the “War on Terror” — the use of massive, nation-breaking military force, state terror, torture, rendition, secret prisons, concentration camps, and Constitution-stripping tyranny — to deal with isolated groups of extremists that pose no existential threat to the United States. Perhaps he will establish a “Truth Commission” to investigate and prosecute the many high crimes of the Bush Administration. Perhaps he will change his position on Iraq, and call for a genuine withdrawal of all American forces there. Perhaps he will change his bellicose position on Iran, which he enunciated so forcefully to AIPAC recently. Perhaps he will forthrightly condemn the American-backed “regime change” invasion of Somalia, which has created the worst humanitarian disaster in the world (outside of Asia’s recent natural disasters). Perhaps instead of stoking fears about the non-existent “Social Security crisis” — and attending to the many Wall Street bankers and elitist lobbyists on his team — he will call for the repeal of the draconian Bankruptcy Bill, he will shift billions of dollars from the Pentagon to the rebuilding of New Orleans and the restoration of the thousands upon thousands of refugees to their homes. Perhaps he will do all these things, and more — even though he has not given the slightest indication whatsoever that this is what he would do in office.

    You’re living in a world of make-believe, with flowers and bells and leprechauns and magic frogs with funny little hats. — Homer Simpson, Ph.D., M.D., Psy.D., D.O., D.S.W., Ed.D., D.C.M., D.Min., J.D., D.C.H.

    I understand there’s a big party going on in Washington this week, where hundreds of thousands of people are gathering to celebrate Bob Gates’ retention as Pentagon chief. I mean, that is what this shindig is all about, isn’t it? Hope and…. continuity? [See Arthur Silber for more.]

    We’ve got Bush’s man still driving the war machine, we’ve got Bush’s generals still waging the “War on Terror” all over the world. We’ve got a president who is eager to spend his “political capital” on slashing “entitlements,” because everyone must sacrifice, everybody’s “going to have to have some skin in this game” — everyone, that is, except for the president’s Wall Street backers, who are about to receive yet another tranche of billions of taxpayer dollars in what they are now calling openly — and rightly — “opportunity funding.” We’ve got a president honoring homophobic right-wing preachers who urge their followers to imitate the mindless zeal of Nazis and Bolsheviks in doing “whatever it takes” to establish Christianist dominion. We’ve got a president whose education chief believes in turning over the teaching of America’s children to corporations — and the military. We’ve even got a president who follows Dick Cheney’s “good advice” on interrogating Terror War captives.

    It seems like the only place you can find “change” in Washington these days is in the cup of a street beggar, left homeless and jobless in the great bankrupting of the nation by Wall Street and the war machine.

    (Both of which, by the way, gave more money to Obama than to John McCain. Meanwhile, McCain himself has become an honored, closely consulted advisor for Obama, whose appointees must scurry to allay any concerns McCain might have about them, as the New York Times reports. Oh, did you vote for Obama to keep McCain’s cockamamie notions out of the White House? Too bad.)

    So when those hundreds of thousands of people gather on Tuesday to watch Barack Obama sworn in on the very site of the famous civil rights rally led by Martin Luther King Jr. — who was assassinated after he began denouncing the American war machine (see this, via Silber) — the revelers can take great comfort in the knowledge that this same war machine is still in the hands of the same militarist faction that has served us so well for so long. What’s more, Obama is going to enlarge the war machine (via antiwar.com) and expand its noble mission of honeycombing the globe with bristling bases and secret prisons, promising to use force “unilaterally if necessary” not only against attacks but also against undefined “imminent threats.” (Like Saddam’s nuclear-armed, intercontinental robot drones, perhaps.)

    Sounds great, doesn’t it? Hey, maybe Bruce Springsteen — one of the many progressive paladins who have come over all verklempt about Obama — can write a song about it:

    Every day we live it up on the wings of a trillion-dollar killing machine
    Where bombers swoop and the natives droop when their children start to scream
    Sprung from bays that overflow with death
    The Willy Pete scalds ’em till their last, harsh, anguished breath
    Baby this town gives you big contracts
    It’s a golden goose, you don’t pay no tax
    And Barry, he’s so cool
    Oh, champs like us, baby, we were born to rule……

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