Blogospheric Badasses

We seem to have a couple of wannabe thug trolls trying to act scary and intimidating. They are about as authentic and dangerous as the guys in this clip:

Yeah, I’m shaking – from laughter.

4 Responses to Blogospheric Badasses

  1. agent of ch@oz says:

    I’m a pansy-ass fake-tough guy who tries to intimidate because I got nothing.

  2. myiq2xu says:

    It’s Bother Kommode!

  3. tucsonlynn says:

    I just really want to let you know how very much I enjoy your posts at The Confluence.
    You make me laugh, (much needed, thank you) every damn day.
    I never post comments there anymore, did at the start, but now, there are so many better writers and people who can express my feelings thru their words better than I, so I just simply sit back and enjoy the ride….insert typical myiq comment here…
    Anyway. Thanks. I am glad you are on our side.

  4. native1 says:

    I second tucsonlynn. I really enjoy your work. How bout a rodeo clown post though.

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