Experience Does Matter After All

This job isn't any fun!

This job isn't any fun!

Bloviating gasbag Sam Donaldson:

He’s making the mistake of not knowing how this town works,” said Donaldson. “He hasn’t dealt with Congress well.”

That’s what happens when you elect someone who spent his entire Senate career running for President.  We could have had an experienced leader who was “ready on Day 1” but nooooo, we had to elect a trainee with a resume thinner than Mary-Kate Olsen.

Speaking of real leaders, why is this woman smiling?:


She is smiling because she will soon be traveling to Japan, Indonesia, South Korea and China, leaving behind the huge economic mess we’re in for Preznit Obama and the Congressional Democrats to deal with.  Nobody ever blamed a Secretary of State for the economy or other domestic problems, so unless Hillary triggers World War III she will come out of the next few years smelling like a rose (and looking very Presidential.)


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