STFU Sirota!


From David Sirota at Open Left:

I stand by everything I wrote and said about Obama during the election – that includes both the praise and criticism. I, and many others who supported Obama, weren’t misled by him. I had my eyes wide open – just read the Nation piece I wrote about Obama after spending a day with him. He’s not a perfect president, and he’s not what I would call a movement progressive. I’m not happy about that, but I never thought otherwise.

But I did think – and continue to think – he was far and away the best and most progressive person for the job, among the serious contenders out there. […] Likewise, if you think Hillary Clinton would be a more progressive president, then you either weren’t born – or weren’t paying attention – over the last 17 years of the Clinton administration (which she played a major role in) and Hillary Clinton’s career in the senate.

The Clinton argument, in particular, is so utterly stupid and silly. A big part of what Obama has to do right now is clean up after Clintonism. Granted, lots of the criticism directed at him is aimed at his failure to take on Clintonism, but the idea that Hillary Clinton would be better at taking on the ideology and policies she herself helped craft is inane.

Among Clintonites, the “I Told You So” rants are just straight-up sore-loser-ism. Unable to accept that a first-term senator defeated their candidate who had every single advantage, they cannot embrace the new president, even as that new president (wrongly, IMHO) appoints her to a top position in his administration.


So my message is pretty simple:

1. I – and other Obama supporters – have nothing to apologize for on this score. Nothing at all. If telling the truth makes you dislike me or anyone else, that’s your problem, not mine.

2. To Naderites, STFU and start doing the unglamorous work of building the third-party you say you really want.

3. To Clintonites, just STFU and slither back to your rathole of bitterness. Your candidate lost because she helped create the problems we now have to fix. Deal with that and become a productive member of society, or again, just STFU.

Sirota is living proof that Clinton Derangement Syndrome is not confined to conservatives.  On any topic that doesn’t concern Bill or Hillary he’s a solid progressive, but if one or both Clinton’s is involved he’s a drooling idiot.

Obama has to “clean up after Clintonism?”  WTF?  What does he have to clean up, the peace or the prosperity?  Does Dave really believe that the mess we are in right now is all the Big Dawg’s fault?  Hasn’t ever heard of George W. Bush?  Hillary had “every single advantage?”  Obama had more money, the media and the Democratic establishment on his side.

What about FISA?  Hillary voted no, Obama voted yes.  Was Obama’s reneging on campaign finance “progressive?”  How about his flip-flop on the “state secrets” privilege?  Exactly what criteria is Dave using when he says Obama was the “most progressive” candidate?

Us Clintonites think Obama is a massive failure waiting to happen in progress.  If we’re wrong that’s a good thing.  If Sirota is wrong we’re all f*cked.

This is what Big Tent Democrat had to say about Sirota’s rant:

David still has his hate on for the Clintons and still is living in a fantasyland on Obama’s trade positions. Sorry David, Obama agrees with me and the Clintons on trade, not you.

Here’s a piece of advice for Dave from Abe Lincoln:

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”

IOW – STFU Sirota!



Joseph Cannon has more at Cannonfire:

During the primaries, David Sirota established himself as a key Obama cultist and Hillary-hater. Now he has published an anti-Obama column titled Obama’s team of zombies. Not many months ago, Daverino was himself among the walking dead.


No mea culpa, no shrift. I won’t forgive Sirota for his despicable, deceptive behavior during the primary campaign until he asks for forgiveness — until he admits that he misled his readers.


2 Responses to STFU Sirota!

  1. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the post.
    You know, Sirota needs to wrap his little ol’ haid around this: if you’re happy that Obama was born, thank a white woman.

  2. edgeoforever says:

    OK, fess up: you have secret a demotivation poster maker!
    These are waaaay too good to be just lucky finds!

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