Reagan Years – The Musical


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  1. edgeoforever says:

    Loved Spitting Image!

  2. Rangoon78 says:
    Friday the 13th retro blogging
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    Fri, 02/13/2009 – 4:10pm — vastleft
    51 weeks ago, I wrote this, in a post titled “Pick Up That Knife, Barack!”:
    If and when Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination, it will be, ironically, the death of hope for me.

    Once again, it’s not so much that he’s a bad guy or all that different from Hillary Clinton on policy.

    It’s that his vaunted campaign is everything I would have hoped the (potentially) winning 2008 campaign wouldn’t be: Truthy and Retrograde.

    Truthy, in the sense that the feeling of hope/change/unity is considered the same as — no, more important than — the means/plans/history/intention/prospect of accomplishing anything in particular.

    And retrograde, meaning a campaign that moves the Overton Windowrightward, even when the public was already demonstrably dragging it the other way.

    How many more people are going to die because we failed to repudiate theReagan Revolution when we had the chance?

    The last line above make me think of something i wrote a while back —
    from: Obama is No Jim Jones:
    “The mania surrounding Obama and the Democratic establishment’s willingness to feed off it are similar as is the MSM’s complicity in burying criticism of him. In the end though, the death toll from Obama Kool Aid will be much higher I fear.”

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