It Wasn’t Me


What happens whenever a statement backfires or a strategy blows up in Obama’s face?  He blames it on someone else and denies all responsibility.  So guess what?:

New media meme alert: A secret plot hatched solely by the White House is entirely to blame for the Rush Limbaugh story getting so much media attention and turning into a media circus.

This shiny new meme is popping up on the same day (today) that top Republicans launched a new offensive, accusing the White House of deliberately focusing attention on Limbaugh to divert attention from solving the country’s problems.

This version of events has its genesis in this Politico piece reporting on the inner workings of the Democratic strategy to hang Rush around the necks of Republicans. Drudge linked the piece with the blaring headline: “Enemies List: White House Plots Limbaugh Coverage.” Time’s Michael Scherer argued that it shows that this “entire controversy has been cooked up and force fed to the American people by Obama’s advisers.” Reporters pushed the idea at today’s White House press briefing.

But come on: None of this is really true. Or at least, it’s a grotesque exaggeration.

A couple of days ago it was a brilliant strategy the emanated directly from the White House – make Rush Limbaugh the face of the Republican party.  So today when The Big Fat Idiot gleefully threw down a challenge for Obama to debate him, one-on-one without Teleprompters, we suddenly hear “it wasn’t me” from the Oval Office.


2 Responses to It Wasn’t Me

  1. That link to the Plum Line is outrageous!

    They really think a video like this:

    develops “organically.”

    Yeah, right, if you think astroturf is “organic.”



  2. Woman Voter says:

    MEDIA COVERAGE: Olbermann, Hardball, Larry King live


    Bitter Knitters they call us, yet that ad says ‘Just Say No’ which sounds a lot like ‘Just Say No Deal’…a PUMA site. Hemmm Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (?) or are they trying to use us???

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